Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday in the Beltway

While Big Guy heads up to the Hill today to play kissy-face with Dems in hopes of persuading them to get his healthcare bill rammed down everyone’s throat passed in time for Christmas, Lady M will be working on her wardrobe for our trip across the pond. The options this time are simply breathtaking, but you’ll have to wait a bit on them, as I’m under strict orders to keep this under wraps.

But I wanted to check in just to let you know that Santa’s big shiny black belt was in no danger of being purloined the other night, as some of you feared.

christmas santabo

So as you can see, MO wore her own Santa belt  

 mentor belt


which is one of her favorites:



Besides, look at the size of that pathetic Santa. Do you honestly think we could fit into his belt?