Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Victor,Victory,Victoria (Major Update)

I suppose you saw the new “Who’ll be the next Victoria’s Secret Model” winner. Goodness! This is supposed to be the American ideal?

kylie_busutti  Kylie Bisutti, Victoria’s Secret Model Search winner

Please. She has nothing on Lady M.

MO has style:



belts7medal honorMO june 25 


…and grace:

mo leap  o european 2 

and she also looks hot in her little black dress

kylie _bisutti--300x300 mobo aniver

Tall boots? We’ve got ‘em:

 blue beltedkylie2

But I don’t see a single fashionable belt anywhere in Ms Bisutti’s wardrobe.

kylieAnd about those, ahem, “natural” physical attributes. Once we usher in Obama-care, those bissutis  will no longer be readily available. So all you under-endowed wannabes out there: I suggest you brush up on your community organizing skills if you really want to land a good gig.


Reflect on this,

 you on private sector health care:













you on Obama-care: bitch!






As you can see, I can do time-shifted trans-imaging too…

Ok, I’m back from the darkside. Don’t make me go there again.