Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Golden Goose Has Landed

Here we are in Oslo! norway4As you see, MO is wearing a lovely soft plum coat, and because it’s so cold here, we’ve replaced our signature bow with a ruffly scarf in a lighter shade of the same hue.norway7


Here’s a better shot: It was still dark when we got here (I guess it almost always is this time of year) so the plum looks slightly blue, but trust me - plum. It’s symbolic.

Since we departed the Big White right after Raj’s party and a light dinner, we had to change our clothes in flight.

norway13  Here we are leaving on Marine One, all bundled up because winter is ahead of schedule in D.C. too. Apparently global warming has gone on hiatus since BO’s inauguration. Some are saying Big Guy is responsible for that too. Maybe next year he will win a Nobel prize in Physics.

But back to Oslo. First there was an official “signing-in”. What a hoot! Neither BO or MO has had to sign for anything in ages.

norway2 Figures that BO is a lefty.


Lady M is looking quite regal today in a deep gray, draped front dress. And look! I put the belt near her natural waist. What do you think about this new approach to belts? We can’t get rid of them altogether because they are a Lady M signature, but now that people are starting to make fun of them in a few of the mainstream rags, I’m going to try to re-image them to an approximate middle and just claim she’s short-waisted.


Here’s a group of protestors we saw on our way to lunch. It looks to me like they booked a flight to the wrong city, Big Guy won’t be in Copenhagen until the end of the week. But since they’re here, I’ll just put in my 2 cents worth: Hey Red Squad! You’re right. And we also pay for everything else. So you may now go back to plotting the take over of the civilized world: brought to you exclusively by rich countries. (Haven’t you guys heard about the golden goose?) Oh, and nice suits. But at your next protest, you might want to try a uniform that looks a little more, shall we say, understated? It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re dressed like a Norwegian clown posse.

Apparently there’s been some grumbling around here about Big Guy and Lady M shunning King Harold’s invitation to lunch today. But seriously, Marcus told us what they were serving and Lady M just put her foot down: no more smelly dead fish. Rhambo is the only one in the Administration that really seems to relish them. But the protocol “experts” are all a twitter again because every other Nobel Laureate – ever - has attended the ceremonial luncheon with the King. Apparently they don’t know that we’re all about CHANGE.

Besides, if we don’t go, there’s no chance for another one of those deep bows to another royal that the protocol “experts” also hate.