Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don’t Ruffle our Feathers, We’re on a Mission from Gawd!

Lady M almost – almost- nailed it yesterday:

mo stem4

As you can see, a nice clean color scheme, correct skirt length and simple necklace. If Lady M’s blouse hadn’t been so form fitting and waaa-y too tight, we would have had an all around winner.

You may remember this blouse from previous photo ops (when it was also too tight):

Screenshot Studio capture #257 A “Let’s Move” PSA with the NHL:

Lady M has favored lady-like ruffles for quite awhile:

    mosibALMOST WAIST nutritionNBCruffles and bows


ruffles in london

We’re pulling them out again since it would seem that Big Guy is going to need all the sex appeal we can muster to raise that billion dollars we need for our reelection campaign. It seems that the recession has finally hit home: third quarter fund raising for our “let’s HOPE we can keep CHANGING America” campaign, is expected to come in at $55 million, lagging behind an already anemic second quarter at $86 million. I know that sounds like a lot of money, butt not when your target is at least a billion.

And that report’s not good news because now it looks like we might need even more than the originally projected $1 billion in order to buy the next election. So look for Big Guy and Lady M to be spending more and more time in the begging business.

Take yesterday for example:

bo linkedinBO Linking In with CEO Jeff Weiner (no relation to that other Weiner) as a pretense for his fund raising spree in California

After linking in with some people who have more money than God and just want to spread their wealth around (note: the Treasury accepts contributions 24/7) BO hit the LA/San Jose/ Hollywood circuit to pick up a little more loose change. The appeal to his wealthy admirers seems to be that Republicans want to let them keep more of their money. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, butt you have to remember that we’re talking to mostly white, guilty millionaires and billionaires suffering from Affluenza.

At a rally at House of Blues on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, the president, trying to fatten his war chest for the 2012 presidential election, pleaded for help in repelling what he described as his opponents’ retrograde approach to solving the nation’s problems.

Republicans want to “cut taxes for folks who don’t need it,” Obama said yesterday in his visit to Los Angeles. “That’s not the vision you believe in, and that’s not the vision I believe in.”

At a second campaign stop at the Fig and Olive restaurant for a group of entertainment execs, (at a much higher per plate charge) Big Guy informed the group that his vision is:

“big, optimistic” and “not a cramped vision that says you’re on your own.”

I’ve no idea what that means, butt he also told these money bags that:

“I’m going to need your help, so don’t get tired on me now.”

Because if they get tired, they might just take off their boots, putt their bedroom slippers on and stop marching. And we can’t complete the Revolution without all of our foot soldiers. Even a second rate community organizer knows that.

bo linked

Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of DreamWorks, introduced Big Guy, and confessed to having a “dependency” on him and told the crowd “so does the nation and the rest of the world.”  Although I believe technically that’s called “co-dependency.”

At the last big co-dependency event at the famous House of Blues in Hollywood, some kook got thrown out for accusing Big Guy of being the anti-Christ. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that Big Guy, like those other guys from Chicago, is on a mission from God.


Off topic, butt I can’t believe that legalized marijuana has more signatures on the We the People site than mine does. I guess I’m just not getting my message out. If you’re worried about being tracked (more than you already are) make up a gmail or yahoo mail address and sign up from Starbucks or your favorite local lefty coffee shop. Big Guy’s “free speech” monitors will be stunned to see so many signatures coming from normally friendly IP addresses.