Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Another Day in Our Banana Republic: UPDATED with Rush Limbaugh Mickey Mouse Poll


It’s not as if we haven’t seen Lady M sport this look before:

         mo baseball capmarthas cap mo

So once again we find ourselves faced with the question, “What would Jackie wear?”

While I can’t answer that question definitively, I believe I can say with certainty, “not this.” Ever.

MO target

Well, perhaps the oversized sunglasses.

jackie Nina Ricci sunsJackie in her favorite Nina Ricci frames

Butt I don’t see her choosing any other part of this ensemble. Especially the baseball hat. A lady of her time, when Jackie chose to cover her head, she favored pill boxes:


Or, for really casual outings, perhaps a casually tied silk scarf.

jack and jackie

Which may have served as an inspiration to Lady M’s own silk headscarf look:


And while I can’t picture Jackie in that blouse, she might have liked the floral print. After all, she practically put Merimekko, the  Finish fabric design house, on the map when she bought 8 of their dresses during her husband’s campaign in 1960.

jackie floral3Jackie in a then unknown Merimekko sundress, picked up on a Cape Cod shopping trip. And they’re still in business, 50 years later! Now that’s an icon.

Just like Lady M’s magic touch in putting Maria Pinto on the map, before she was forced to file bankruptcy and close up shop.

mo maria

Butt I don’t think Lady M’s floral shirt is an authentic Merimekko, as it only cost $10 according to “leaked” sources. Since the whole point of this “sighting” was to be seen shopping in the downscale emporium - just like one of the peeps who will be handing over “$3 or more” for a lotto ticket to win dinner with the Won. So I’d say J Crew is a good guess.

And because our intent was what I call “Slo-fashion” we left our $1000 Reed Krakoff tote bag at home,

mo reed krakoff tote

in favor of our downscale tote from Banana Republic (possibly an unfortunate branding choice at this stage of our interminable recession). The Banana bag was last seen leaving Rio in March with Lady M, who was apparently under the impression that its orange-yellow shade coordinated with the green-yellow shade of the stripe in the famous beach umbrella dress:

yellow banana republic mrk toteColor’s wrong, but nice keister camouflage. NB: the Jackie style ballet slippers. 

The banana bag does go nicely with the shopping cart though:

MO target

Butt it still doesn’t work very well with the lemon yellow shell; not that it matters that much when doing a little impulse shopping at Target. It’s not like Lady M’s on an official state visit to a foreign country or anything. Plus, it easily accommodates our morning supply of life-saving anti-blood sugar crash meds.

So here’s the narrative: we just ran out to pick up a few necessary household items that staff never remembers to pick up, and wouldn’t you know it: AP photographer Charles Dharapak, just happened to be there too, picking up a few items of his own for his ever expanding portfolio.

I’ve warned Lady M to be very wary around old “Sure-Shot Charlie” though. I have it on good authority that he’s a contributing photographer to this new best selling book:

shop & awe

So if things get ugly, don’t say I didn’t warn you:

mo walmart-1-crop copyLady M inspects the organic veggies that she mandated Walmart sell in all of its food deserts and toddler parks


mo of walmart-2 copy“Sodium alert! Step away from those pickles! They’ll cause you to retain water!”


mo of walmart-3 copyOn her way to give some food purchase advice to this ‘No Longer a Child’s’ Fat Behind


Moments ago, Rush Limbaugh said that he would pay for a poll to find out if Mickey Mouse would beat Obama. Coincidentally, Plouffe-Daddy has just commissioned such a poll. In my official, trusted and valued role as MOTUS, I hereby reflect that poll here for your voting enjoyment. Polls will remain open until 11:59PM (EST) Sunday, October 2, 2011. The results will then be sent to an unnamed, butt highly reliable liberal accounting firm for overnight analysis and “adjustment”. The results will be posted right here Monday morning.Remember, as always, Chicago rules apply, so vote early and vote often!

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