Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being President is Hard: Wooden You Just Know it?

27_rockettesThe Radio City Rockettes: the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

With all the comings and goings last week, I didn’t have time to report on Big Guy’s business trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania that he squeezed in on his way to New York to snarl traffic and raise $2.4 million from the 1 percenters. Because he arrived so late, he didn’t even get to attend the Rockettes  wonderful performance  of the Wooden Soldiers in their annual Christmas show.

Holiday crowds: Tens of thousands gathered to watch the spectacular, which featured performances by Neil Diamond, Cee Lo Green and Carol KingMeanwhile the 99% tried to get through the barricades for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting

Butt was anyone else confused by Big Guy’s side trip to Pennsylvania? “Obama Scranton Visit Aimed at White Working-class Vote.” I thought our new strategy was winning With Out Whites: WOW.

In his 11th visit in as many months to the key Keystone swing state, (although not a campaign trip) Big Guy dropped in on some typical white people for cookies and coffee, and put a plug in for his plan to extend and expand a payroll tax cut that, as usual, the heartless R-words insist on paying for with cuts elsewhere. Grinches. Don’t they know it’s Christmas in America?

Anyway, I’m sure nobody in Pennsylvania would object to a payroll tax cut, if they were working. Butt, it’s hard to say just why the voters there have lost the 10 point enthusiasm they had for Big Guy in the last election. This is one swing state that definitely seems to be swinging the wrong way – although we don’t like to use that euphemism around here.

scranton bo donna patrick festaChatting up the locals in their home. Just business as usual. Not campaigning...say - is that a Crèche!?? Can we crop that?

I’m not sure why - maybe he didn’t care for the cookies, or the Crèche; or maybe he was just looking forward to logging in some time in the Big Apple with all those rich guys – butt Big Guy seemed very happy to be pulling out of Scranton on Wednesday.

barack-obama-2011-11-30-16-40-17Demonstrating just how hard it is – being President - Big Guy, leaves Scranton, with little guy. nota bene: not ‘shopped

H/T: Krista

We’ve definitely got a lot more hard work to do. Somehow our "pole" numbers continue to plummet unexpectedly and inexplicably.

barack-obama-2011-11-30-15-51-0Regardless of which pole he’s referring to, that’s an exaggeration…

On a more festive note: did you see the new holiday bow we hung last week? It was in honor of World AIDS day.


I guess Big Guy and Bono got together and put an end to AIDS or something.

world aids day

I may be wrong about that because I nodded off for a minute and may have missed exactly what was ending. Butt it looks like it was something really big.

end of oEnd the occupation, NOW!

Maybe I better grab a little nap this afternoon. Tonight’s black tie gala prior to the Kennedy Center lifetime achievement awards marks the beginning of another big week. In addition to this year’s nominees (Meryl Streep, Yo-Yo Ma, Neil Diamond, Barbara Cook and Sonny Rollins), the guest list includes Caroline Kennedy, Steven Spielberg, Stevie Wonder, Sarah Jessica Parker, Stephen Sondheim, Plácido Domingo, Steve Martin, Jack Nicholson, James Taylor, Patti LuPone, and Christine Baranski. Wow!

Don’t miss it! I’m sure we’ll be stunning. Like in past years.

the 2009 purple lampshade dress

The 2010 dress, repurposed from a boudoir robe, has been repurposed again as a Holiday Tree skirt this year

The pre-show party in the East Room will include cocktails and cookies. I will remind everyone again: no biting off body parts. I think I may need to speak with Chef about the cookie theme this year however.

gingerbread manGratuitous Gingerbread Man