Monday, December 5, 2011

Kennedy Center Tributes: Sapphires, Diamonds & Salvation

At least all of this year’s Kennedy Center honorees are Americans. Unlike last year when we inadvertently honored Sir Pall, a Brit, just because he made up a song about Lady M.

imageLast year’s Little Drummer Boy honoree, Sir Pall.

Butt enough of the past, I know you just want to enjoy Lady M’s beautiful new sapphire blue mermaid dress:


mo's backand back (sorry, you know the rules on booty shots at these affairs).

Only one “mis-step” – Lady M forgot to take her slippers off before coming down to the party:

bo mo arrive shoes

Aside from that: it was a magical event. This year’s crop of winners: Barbara Cook, Sonny Rollins, Yo Yo Ma, Neil Diamond and Meryl Streep.

The festivities actually started on Saturday with the customary State Department dinner for the honorees. Sunday evening was the Big White reception, followed by the actually event honoring this year’s winners at the Kennedy Center.


Hillary flew all the way home from Myanmar to host this very special event. Yo, Yo Yo, no tongue.

A quick rundown of this years performing artist winners: Barbara Cook has been a Broadway star since – well, since forever. She took the coveted Oprah prize this year.

        barbara cook62710863

Barbara, left. Oprah at last year’s event. How does she do that? Breathe I mean.

Sonny Rollins is a world famous sax player and jazz musician. Big Dawg is going to book a gig with him in New Orleans early next year, to do a little jamming. The ladies love that.


Yo Yo Ma has been around forever too, even though he’s one of this year’s youngest honorees. Having been a child genius/protege, he’s played in the Big White for every President since JFK (at age 7 – even Big Guy’s genius wasn’t recognized quite that early on).

imageA young Yo Yo playing for the Reagans and their Japanese guests

Then we have Meryl – a great actress who has played everything from a tortured soul (Sophie’s Choice) to a world famous chef (Julia and Me), to an inhuman soul ruining people’s lives (The Devil Wears Prada) to another inhuman soul ruining people’s lives (The Iron Lady). Since she has done so many great movies, we’ll forgive her for that Alar scare that ruined so many apple farmers.   



So I don’t think that I’m speaking out of school to suggest what her next project is: after all she and Hill are practically twins:


The real star of the evening was Neil Diamond. Another guy who’s been around forever, but has remained under the radar for 45 years as a cult favorite until he was “discovered” by Glee. Now he’s cool – although I think you’ll agree, by looking at these pictures through the years, he’s always been cool.

Neil Diamond:

6 neilNeil Diamond.2jpgNeil Diamond.3jpg

   Neil DiamondNeil Diamond Neil on his bikeNeil Diamond4

Neil Diamond neildiamondcd18

neil what did you do

And let me tell you, Neil had them rockin’ in the aisles with a specially prepared, with your tax dollars, DNC video tribute to Big Guy’s campaign to save America. It won’t be officially released until the cBS special, butt I’ve got a sneak preview for you:

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