Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job Won: Getting Our Priorities Straight

Screenshot Studio capture #373Hi every body! (H/T: Dr.Nick Riviera)

Yesterday Big Guy hosted his first ever “live” interview via Google+ “hangout”. There were live questions from 5 average Americans hand selected from the 227,000 who took the time to submit questions & drop a few shekels in our WTF 2012 stash!

It was 50 minutes of beautifully choreographed give and take that managed to touch on all of Big Guy’s priorities: jobs, taxes - lower for the middleclass, higher for the 1% - small businesses, students, jobs, cheap student loans, jobs, education, empowering our kids to be smart consumers, jobs, veterans, jobs. Additionally, it showcased how much Big Guy can relate to average Americans, and really cares about their problems.

Everything went like clockwork except when Big Guy forgot for a moment whether he created 3 million jobs in 22 months or 22 million jobs in 3 months. Don’t worry though, he recovered quickly for a nice save.

So today everyone has been dispatched to address those priorities: Joey B will speak at two fundraisers in Texas, Big Guy will attend two swanky fundraisers here in D.C. and Lady M will be on the left coast, hitting up a DNC fundraiser in L.A., followed by an appearance with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show and then another fundraiser tomorrow. So I think we’ve got all of our bases covered.

Lady M covered one of our constituencies priorities – veterans - yesterday, when she and Hilda Solis met with members of military families to announce some confusing new rules written by our team assigned to pander to address veterans’ issues.


The proposed rules would allow spouses, parents and children of service members to care for their loved ones, attend military functions, or deal with child care and family finances “without fear of losing their jobs,”Solis said.

So we can check that one off our list.

Later yesterday Lady M taped a PSA for NFL Play 60 Super Kid, to be aired on the Super Bowl:

NFL play 60 Super Kid james Gale moLady M gives NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid James Gale a tour of the Big White. He can play later.

What, pray tell, is NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid, you ask? Well, it’s part of Lady M’s No Child’s Fat Behind program: the “Get up and play 60 minutes a day” part. Goodness! As many of you have pointed out, it’s a sad day when the government has to remind kids to go out and play. Butt this is what it’s come to, and somebody has to do it. It might as well be Lady M.

One more brick in the load.

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Oh, and one more bit of news that you’ll be happy to hear: As it turns out, NOBODY is responsible for Fast and Furious. At least nobody important. Just a couple of flunkies way down the feeding chain who have already been promoted or retired, with phat pensions, out of their positions anyway.

So I’m glad that’s settled. Good to know that the guns really did just walk across the border on their own.

And lastly: a big, big R-word primary in Florida today.


I’m calling on all MODs, MOLs, MYDs, MYLs and FOMs located in the sunshine state to be our boots on the ground down there. Keep us apprised as the exit polling rolls in. And remember, if you see something, say something!


Because inquiring minds want to know.