Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hangin’ at the Court House

Here it is, hangin’ in the courthouse:


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The D.C. Circuit Court’s poster tribute to Black History Month honoring eight  “Black Women Paving the Way to Greatness in Politics.”

  • Shirley Chisolm – first female black Congressman
  • Patricia Roberts Hall – first female black Cabinet Secretary
  • Barbara Jordan –first female black cabinet member
  • Carol Mosley Braun – first female black Senator
  • Fannie Lou Hamer –American voting rights activist, back when it meant something
  • Condoleeza Rice – first black National Security Secretary, and Secretary of State

…and then there were two wildcard pics:

  • Michelle Obama – first female black hospital Vice President for Community and External Affairs to become FLOTUS

And while no one would argue with that selection, the next one is raising a few eyebrows around town:

  • Angela Davis

Free_Angela_ButtonAngela: First black female on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List

Tried on charges of conspiracy, kidnapping and murder in 1971, Angie became a cause célèbre for the world wide communist movement. She was acquitted of all charges due to lack of conclusive evidence, although it was established that she bought the sawed off shotgun used in the murders a few days prior to said murders.


                   Angie: back when revolutionaries were still known as terrorists

Butt seriously? Angela Davis? Paving the way to political greatness – really!? The Angela Davis; the first black female Communist Party U.S.A. member/Black Panther member/"Activist"/critical race theorist/ "free convicted cop-killer Mumia" supporter/inventor of the "Political Prisoners in America" meme/winner of the “Lenin Peace prize” at the height of the Cold War/and charter member of the “acquitted butt dubiously innocent” Hall of Fame, Angela Davis?

angela in courtIs it just me, or does that grin look familiar?



Q. What’s the difference between these two angry black women?

A. The one on the left is still not proud of her country.

Yes, that Angela Davis. And frankly Lady M is not too happy that she had to share the bill with someone who just talked about a revolution of HOPE and CHANGE, rather than actually having a hand in implementing it.

angela black power saluteAngie: All talk and swagger

commitment_obama_fist_bump_card-p13702041126237936630sg_400vs. the Revolution in action


Oh sure, when Lady M was much younger she was inspired by Angela’s revolutionary principles and bravely attended a Harvard Law School sit-in, sponsored by Big Guy’s philosophical soul mate, Derrick Bell, to demand that Harvard grant tenure to two legal scholars on staff, both of whom adhered to Bell’s “Critical Race Theory” which claims, in part, that legal institutions play a role in the maintenance of the white ruling class' position:

Screenshot Studio capture #427h/t MArk

Lady M, back in the day, protesting at the Harvard Law Dean’s Office and forced to survive on unhealthy vending machine snacks for hours.

I don’t know what to think about “Critical Race Theory” because I’m not a community organizer or legal scholar. Butt I’m going to tweet my go-to-legal scholars, Prof. William A. Jacobson (Legal In-sur-rec-tion) and Prof. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) for an explanation. I might also ask Prof. Jacobson if he and Megyn Kelly have filed any legal briefs in my Supremacy Clause lawsuit yet.

Butt back to Angie; In her defense, it should be noted that she is trying hard to deserve her plaque on the courtroom wall by continuing her revolutionary, anti-capitalism endeavors in the Occupy Movement - going after the establishment in hopes of ending the “prison industrial complex” i.e. black people jailed as political prisoners in America:

oocupy angela Professor Davis at Occupy Oakland Rally: livin’ the dream

“For first time since the 1930s, we can speak openly and publicly about the perils of capitalism” and says that the “Revolution will have to be a feminist revolution, a feminist of color revolution… against capitalism, against racism, against hetero-patriarchy…and end to the prison industrial complex.”

You can read more on Nice Deb or at the Washington Times, butt here’s the real issue: Lady M doesn’t like being associated with people like this, especially in an election year. I mean for heaven’s sake, Condoleeza Rice? Doesn’t she have, like, blood on her hands or something? Oh wait, no, that’s Angela. It’s just so hard for Lady M to keep all these black women paving the way to political greatness straight.

So the only official statement she wishes to make about being hung in the court room is that she’s “completely down with the schtruggle.”


free lavaughn copy

So carry on.


Un-retouched photo of Angela Davis, 2011. Again I ask: is Angie’s resemblance to both Big Guy and Lady M not uncanny? Rude Photoshops to follow…

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