Monday, April 9, 2012

Don’t Blame Us for the Rotten Eggs Around Here

Before getting on with the egg roll  (which officially started at 7:30 AM!) I just want to clarify something from yesterday. For those of you who thought Lady M was sporting a new frock fro yesterday’s trip to St. John’s Episcopal Church for Easter Sunday services: 

mo church3

easter butt side

Wrong! This is an election year, remember? We are being quite frugal with the peasants taxpayers money and will be recycling our designer frocks as often as possible, especially now that some of them fit us again after losing our “freshman 15.”

This little number for example debuted 3 years ago on our first historic European tour de force. I’m sure you remember; we were still going through our awkward phase as FLOTUS:

      thakoon coat over dress mo 3-09Nato summit mo

“What to wear? What to do with the arms?”

The complete Thakoon (is that racist?) ensemble included a “Pussy Bowed” (not my term) coat with light on dark print paired with a Jackie sheath with the reverse, dark on light print. Clever: reversing the negative.

Now that we’ve completely grown into our roll, we’re wearing our reverse negative image a bit more casually. (And we’re working on growing into our cheek injections.)

              mo church4michelle-obama-easter-sunday-services-0

And the mini-me sweater? Also not new.

       minime 2jpgMICHELLE-OBAMAminime

Now, onto the really big Egg Roll, aka, “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move!” Although last year’s official theme was “Get Up and Go!” technically this year’s theme is recycled too.

We did make a new, special video for this year’s event though, which will be running in a constant loop on the Rockin’ Egg Roll Stage. Possibly because we didn’t really get much in the way of real entertainment this year: “Janelle Monae, Cody Simpson, Rachel Crow, Sesame Street, Zendaya, China Ann McClain and the McClain Sisters.” ???

Sheeze, just because Barbra Streisand isn’t going to sing at our fund raiser next month doesn’t mean that none of the A-listers have to show up any more, does it?

We had some real pros helping us produce this video: the GSA prize winning video production team, unexpectedly made available to us last week after being shut down due to a bad rap.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy previewing the preview. Participating in the Bunny Hop this year, in addition to our in-house cotton tails, are Joey and Dr. Jill, as well as another real familiar face (also unexpectedly made available last week), Keith Olbermann. So here’s our post Easter, pre-Egg Roll, out-take:

We’re bringing Keith on board as a special assistant to our WTF campaign ( although I guess we haven’t actually settled on an official campaign slogan yet. ) It’s sort of a test-drive to see if he’s a good fit for our Minister of Unapologetic Apologies campaign opening.

olbermann1Keith in his last Howard Beale roll

He’s clearly qualified in this area. Here’s how he handled his own unapologetic apology:

In his first TV appearance since his ouster from Current TV last week, Keith Olbermann told David Letterman on The Late Show Tuesday that “I screwed up really big.”

“Let’s just start there,” said Olbermann, according to an early transcript provided by CBS.  “I thought we could do this.  It’s my fault that it didn’t succeed in the sense that I didn’t think the whole thing through.  I didn’t say, ‘you know, if you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should have a house to put it in. Just walking around with a $10 million chandelier isn’t going to do anybody a lot of good, and it’s not going to do any good to the chandelier.’  And then it turned out we didn’t have a lot to put the house on to put the chandelier in, or a building permit, and I, I should have known that.  And it is, it is my fault at heart …

I think he’s a natural for our opening. In fact, Big Guy is so totally on board with the analogy: he, too, thinks of himself as a $10 million chandelier, shining a light on the darkness that is America. And not that America didn’t have a house to hang it (although the Big White could use a little sprucing up) butt BO doesn’t believe that some of us recognize just how much light he has brought already:

bo lightbringer The Lightbringer: clean, green. Shield your eyes. And your wallet.

Anyway, if the Minister of UA goes well with Keith, we may create a new permanent position for him: Blame Shifting Czar. Job description as follows:

Blame Shifting

Blaming others can lead to a "kick-the-dog effect" where individuals in a hierarchy blame their immediate subordinate, and this propagates down the hierarchy until the lowest rung (the "dog"). A 2009 experimental study has shown that blaming can be contagious even for uninvolved onlookers.

As a propaganda technique

Blame is closely associated with labeling theory, in that when intentional actors act out to continuously blame an individual for nonexistent psychological traits, and for nonexistent variables, the actors aim to induce irrational guilt at an unconscious level. It is a propaganda tactic, to use repetitive blaming behaviors, innuendos, and hyperbole in order to assign negative status to normative humans. When innocent people are blamed fraudulently for nonexistent psychological states and nonexistent behaviors, and there is no qualifying deviance for the blaming behaviors, the intention is to create a negative valuation of innocent humans to induce fear, by using fear mongering. Blaming in the form of demonization has been used by governments for centuries to influence public perceptions of various other governments, to induce feelings of nationalism in the public. Blame can be utilized to objectify people, groups, and nations, which can typically negatively influence the intended subjects of propaganda, compromising their objectivity. Blame is utilized as a social control technique.

Big Guy knows exactly what he’s looking for in this position, having a long history of blame shifting himself, beginning with 9-11. Like constitutional law, he has a great deal of personal experience blaming stuff on other people. Since Rush compiled his list last August we’ve added to it Bush (again), Iran, Israel, Congress, Big Oil, racists and Republicans.

Come to think of it, I’m not even sure why we need another Blame Shifting Czar.


Barack Hussein Obama: Blaming Everyone Else Since 1-20-09

And now, I’ve got to get back to the Egg Rolls.


Oh, and in case you were busy with your own egg rolls yesterday, hop on over here to see Big Guy OCCUPY Little Bo. Kinda’ creepy, don’t you think?