Monday, April 30, 2012

On The Road That Leads To...WTF?

Yesterday was a slow news day in D. C. so I guess I didn’t miss anything. Everyone’s still hung over from all the OED (Obama Eats Dog) jokes at the big press party. And when they woke up in the morning and realized that Big Guy just officially sanctioned the meme for the 6 month run up to the  election  – well, let’s just say there was an equal amount of celebrating and head banging.


Wall. Head. Bang. Repeat.

Which reminds me, I’ll be back on the campaign “celebrating military families” trail with Lady M today: Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, Tucson. We’ve managed to squeeze a few fundraisers into an otherwise very busy schedule of thanking our military men and women for keeping the world free -

mo joining forces with nursing orgs

Thanks for your support…or service. Right?

and our campaign volunteers for helping, uh, keep Big Guy in charge of the free world. Whatever.

I’m still a little behind the 8-ball due to my road trip, butt I’ll do my best to catch up by tomorrow. I do know that Big Guy will be meeting with Premier Noda of Japan today; one of our few remaining allies without asterisks. Unclear what the purpose is, butt perhaps to add an asterisk? To paraphrase Jimmie from the other night: “Remember when the world rallied around you in hope for a better tomorrow? That was a good one.”

bo winks

Hee hee. The whole world’s laughing.

And before I sign off, here’s today’s “aw shucks, we’re just raising money for our historic first black president’s historic, first reelection campaign one dollar at a time” moment:

“There’s been a tremendous reaction to that and we’re really grateful for it,” Axelrod, referring to a May 10 fundraiser that Clooney is hosting for Obama in Los Angeles. “I saw, the other day, that Crossroads, Karl Rove’s organization, got a $10 million anonymous donation so it takes 181,000 of our average donations to make up for that [total crock of shit — ed.], so George is pitching in here and lending his name to this event and himself to this event. It’s really helpful to us.” h/t Weasel Zippers, Politico and David “Axe-man” Axelrod

Butt hey, don’t worry David: it looks like we called in the big guns to help you out with all that tedious fund raising. In addition to George we bagged the REALLY Big Dawg: Bill Clinton. Together, BO and Bill they raised over $3 million just last night! We need to take this act on the road.

2 old whitehaired guys and bo

Now I’m not braggin’ butt seriously…

What a hook up! The world’s biggest dog and the biggest dog eater!

I better leave it at that. I’m technically still en route before joining up with Lady M in Colorado Springs and sometimes these things that you write on the road come back to bite you.


I know what you were expecting…butt aren’t you tired of the dog jokes yet?

bo weiner dog copy

Nah! Me neither.

So, till then, this is MOTUS, signing off. Butt don’t worry, I’ll be back later to continue to provide full coverage of both the Preezy and the Meezy; aka the Wonce and Only.

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