Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bad Hare Day

Four Words: Miss Manners for Dummies

First, Vladimir cancelled his G-8 dinner date with Big Guy with the unlikely excuse that he had to stay home and wash his hair.

Der Kaninchenzüchter Karl Szmolinsky aus dem brandenburgischen Eberswalde (Barnim) zeigt am Mittwoch (03.01.2007) eines seiner fast zehn Kilogramm schweren Kaninchen der Rasse Deutsche Riesen grau. Mit Riesen-Kaninchen aus Brandenburg soll in Nordkorea eine Zucht aufgebaut werden. Die ersten zwölf Tiere von Szmolinsky sind bereits seit einigen Wochen dort. Im April werde er selbst nach Asien fliegen, um die neue Zuchtanlage für die «Deutschen Riesen grau» zu begutachten und Tipps zu geben. Die Tiere, die laut Szmolinsky zur größten Kaninchenrasse weltweit gehören, werden bis zu zehn Kilo schwer. Die Koreaner wollen mit den Tieren ihre Fleischversorgung verbessern. Foto: Patrick Pleul dpa/lbn (zu lbn-Korr.-Bericht vom 03.01.2007) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++My hare’s bigger than your hare

Then, the junior G-8 member, Francois Hollande, decides to just completely skip Big Guy’s historic read speech to NATO yesterday!

Boy, what ever happened to good manners? When did world leaders become so boorish, rude and dismissive?


Apparently common decency is a thing of the past:

Dalai Lama-US-White House

The new standards seem to be a bit more lax relaxed.

Obama feet on resolute desk

And frankly, tribal custom is no replacement for proper international protocol.

churchill bust returned to britain Indian givers take their own gifts back, they don’t return gifts from others.

Anyway, I’m sure that Francois’ diss was in no way related to Lady M showing up le Rottweiler on Sunday at the gardening center. Because after all, even though Val’s dress was less than flattering;

mo gary corner yourth center  no cocktail dress

she still exuded tons of French charm:

mo val ouchval mo helpval companion and mo

Besides, I find it very hard to believe that a Socialist world leader would be so petty.

michelleobama the stare


I mean, that would definitely not be presidential, would it?

The Obamas turn up in Paris this evening, but have declined a dinner invitation from the couple next door: the Sarkozys.

President Obama’s reluctance to spend more than minimum time with the French leader on his visit for the D-Day anniversary has come as an embarrassment to the Elysée Palace.

Unless of course, you have already made previous plans with your wife for date night in the City of Lights.

Anyway everyone, most especially Rhambo, is greatly relieved that the NATO summit is over and there wasn’t any window smashing along the miracle mile. Of course we did have to call in a few of Chicago’s finest to keep the order.


And they really don’t take a lot of crap from anybody. Just ask Bill Ayers.

So I think overall the NATO meeting can be deemed a huge success. As usual, they didn’t “get a lot of stuff done”, butt they didn’t trash the city, giving Chicago a black eye, so that’s considered a big WIN for Big Guy. So thanks Rahm, you can stick around for another term as big city boss.

As for Big Guy, well it looks like the competition is heating up just a bit and our defense might require a little adjustment. The Bain Capital ad campaign against our apparent opponent hasn’t been going as smoothly as anticipated. It’s just like the Facebook debacle; it opened strong butt immediately began to come undone.

Let’s count the ways Obama’s team has messed this up.

First, the original Bain attack ad was weak, easily rebutted because Romney was not at the steel company at the time of the layoffs depicted in the ad. To make matters worse, the day the ad was released Obama was fundraising among his group of investment bankers, resulting in widespread ridicule in the media. And don’t forget Obama’s former car czar also blasted the ad.

Then along comes Booker and his forced recantation. That only highlighted his searing indictment on “MTP.” Because it wasn’t, in the Obama team’s view, sufficiently convincing, it necessitated the edit. This clown show resembles more a Communist propaganda operation (shall Booker next be airbrushed out of all photos with Obama?) than a supposedly formidable presidential campaign….

This is one more “shiny object” gambit (e.g. “war on women,” gay marriage) gone wrong. Not only has Obama utterly failed to stain Romney or distract the public from the economy, but he also seems to have convinced even the previously sympathetic media that his campaign is both desperate and inept.

The Obama team has come to resemble Wile E Coyote — each silly plot intended to wipe out his adversary blows up in the plotter’s face. Moreover, with the hyperspeed of a New Media-era campaign Obama is burning through his negative attacks with lightning speed. By July he might actually have to talk about some of the issues

So, before retiring to the showers Big Guy decided he should practice a few of the old plays in his playbook, work on his form and otherwise get back in shape for the big game.

Here he is practicing his hail Mary’s:

bo spiking the footballh/t: MP

Nice form! Butt remember, we don’t spike the ball when we win; that would be considered  bad manners.

wile e coyote genius

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