Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wrestling with the transformation of our economy

It’s beginning to sound a lot like a bad country western song around here, “the economy is stallin’ and the debt keeps haulin’.”

120727-lowh/t Doug Ross

And if you think that’s an ugly picture take a gander at this one!

elena pirozhkova us wrestler

Lady M was literally swept off her feet on Friday by U.S. Olympic wrestler Elena Pirozhkova. Wow! That is one schtrong woman! And brave, too! I don’t think I wish to say anything more about this incident which wasn’t included in our official photo-op file.

So let’s get back to something that’s not as disturbing: did you know that 223,000 businesses were “disappeared” just since Big Guy took over the economy that Bush ruined? I suppose that explains what happened to some of the gazillion workers who likewise “disappeared” from the workforce in order to keep our unemployment numbers down around 8%. Not that 8% is good, it’s just that it’s a lot better than the real number which is at least double that.

Don’t worry though because BO’s Treasury Department along with his Federal Reserve are still printing money so he can spend it like, well, a socialist dicktator. Now he wants to transform the rules on student loans to allow those whacky kids who can’t find jobs with their whacky degrees to file bankruptcy and just “disappear” some of those gazillion dollar loans that they accumulated while playing beer pong and picking up advanced degrees in social-gender-race-identity studies. That’s right: file bankruptcy and lose your student loan! Thank you Big Guy! And don’t forget to vote for him in November. Twice. Because without your vote(s) there won’t be any more free stuff for everyone as we finally achieve social justice.

And since we’ve now experienced the 12th straight quarter of economic growth (That’s right!1.5% is technically growth. Never mind that Reagan’s recovery in the 80’s created 8% growth for more than 16 quarters in a row. That’s so old school –  we’re America! We can afford to make do with less!) 1.5% is sort of the new, transformed “robust.” 

And speaking of transformed robust, did you see Lady M’s new Transformer jacket?

mo and amb susman

It was created by J. Mendel to Department of Defense specifications: "white viscose techno crepe tailored jacket with overlapped side panels and silver embroidery" combined with an ivory silk satin faced chiffon pleated skirt and shiny silver heels.

mo transformer suith/t Fausta

The DoD specs call for the side flaps to rotate outward to form bat-like delta wings, the shoulder cap turns into a cockpit atop Lady M’s fuselage and the belly and tail flaps become the tail and ailerons. I know it’s hard to envision if you haven’t ever seen a Transformer  movie,

jetfire-vf1j-gerwalkTransformer in battle formation: artists rendition


but it’s all laid out in this DoD instruction sheet:


And here’s how the actual J. Mendel version works.

mo tansformer transformed copy

It’s really just another level of security implemented for the Olympic games. We needed extra security precautions because we are ostensibly a friend of Israel’s. And we all know how terrorists like to target and attack Israel and her allies – what? You don’t? I guess that’s because the Olympic Committee thought it might be, uh… indelicate,  to mentioned that 1972 massacre that happened precisely 40 years ago yesterday. 

Anyway, no need to worry. There were no incidents. Lady M didn’t even touch the Queen:

mo ambassador susmanThe Queen armed herself with a wine glass this time to prevent a frontal assault

Well, got to run now. Lady M & I are having lunch with some of our biggest O-Team sponsors. You know, people who have been successful because of Big Guy’s government and have therefore wisely chosen to give a little back.

Oh, you thought I meant to our “O”-lympic Team? Silly you...we’ve really got bigger fish than that to fry around here. You won’t find THIS schedule listed on the White House Dossier!

9:40 AM

Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.

10:15 AM

Obama attends a campaign event.

11:00 AM

Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event..

11:30 AM

Obama attends a campaign event.

1:10 PM

Obama attends a campaign event  

1:15 PM

Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.

4:45 PM

Obama departs the White House en route McLean, Virginia.

4:55 PM

Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.

5:25 PM

Obama attends a campaign event.

7:35 PM

Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event.

8:25 PM

Obama departs McLean, Virginia en route the White House.

8:35 PM

Obama arrives at the White House.

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