Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Consistently Evolving Lack of Civility

Finally, a clear explanation on Joey’s debate behavior, and it has nothing to do with his meds:

Vice President Joe Biden's repeated laughter during Thursday's debate was a reflection of the "enormous amount of passion and joy" he brings to the job of serving the American people, White House press secretary Jay Carney said on Friday.

Neo-Neo thinks she knows where Joey’s passion and joy comes from:

        Joe-kerjoker jack

Biden’s laughter is derisive laughter, in keeping with the Obama campaign theme of contempt for the opposition. There is no actual humor in his guffawing, and his grin looks forced, as though he’s made a decision to laugh as a technique, perhaps to goad Ryan to anger. Most pundits agree the behavior was a way to rev up the base. But what does it say about the Democratic base if this is the sort of thing that gets its members’ juices flowing?

Charles Krauthammer thinks it was another Jack Nicholson character that Joey was channeling:

"Biden's debate preparation was watching repeatedly 'The Shining.'

Not a bad call either:

joey the jokerjack-nicholson-the-shining"HEEEERE'S JOEY!"

Personally, I’m sticking with the “better living through chemicals” explanation from yesterday. If nothing else, it’s consistent with our prior experience with this administration.

young bo obama stoned 1981 NY

And we all know just how important consistency is to Team Obama.

The one thing that I think people, Republicans as well as Democrats, can say is that there has been consistency with me from the time that I started running for president to today. And there will be consistency all the way through the next four years of my presidency.

Well,BO HAS been consistent with respect to class warfare and spreading the wealth around.

On certain other issues, he’s simply evolved (e.g. on Gitmo, the individual health care mandate, televising the debate on Obamacare, same sex marriage, the patriotism of raising the debt ceiling, the Afghan war, whether the Constitution grants him the power to bypass Congress, the value of work for welfare, etc.). Which is different from being inconsistent. Somehow. Because the State Run Media says so.

Anyway, now it looks like even his polls are evolving.


So it’s a good thing that evolving is different from being inconsistent.

Butt now Big Guy is all about getting back to the work of the American people who are supporting him: last night he had dinner with our latest “support the O-Team” lottery winners at Smith’s Commons.

bo winners cathevs nc oroas ohio laliberte and mom co

And what luck indeed! Take a look at our winners: one African-American/Hispanic couple from battleground state North Carolina, one African-American couple from battleground state Ohio and one white guy with his middle-aged mom who dresses like Hillary from battleground state Colorado. Seriously, what are the odds? Very, very lucky.

Lady M couldn’t make the dinner this time: she and Val were busy trying to figure out what to do about this Libyan mess that’s threatening to unglue us from the Big White.

                mo valJarFour_Star_Jarrett

“Look Michelle, Bo’s busy, so we’ll just have to proceed without him. I think we should just withdraw from the Middle East and give Israel back to Palestine. Oh, and issue some more harsh sanctions against everyone.”

NOTE: Be sure to read the comments at NEO-NEOCON too, as they are excellent, such as this one from Wry Mouth: “

“Saddened by the popularity of Mr. Biden’s histrionics among his base (which includes one of my elder brothers, and many friends and colleagues — since I am in the education business).

The triumph of the Rude Society seems to be nearing its conclusion.” (snip)

How anyone could look at the twin display of off-handed arrogance and come away thinking, “Yes! I want those two in office for another four years!” — especially after the incessant carping over Dick Cheney’s offhanded “arrogance” — is incomprehensible to me.



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