Monday, October 8, 2012

The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria: Just Like Columbus, Boatloads of Gold Arrive From Across the Pond.

It’s the federal holiday previously known as Columbus Day, so there’s not much going on around town. Because Big Guy and Elizabeth Warren are charter members of the First Peoples anti-colonialist coalition, we’ve decided to follow Brown University’s lead and rename the second Monday in October “Fall Holiday.” We don’t have anything planned for the event, butt Lady M will be sporting her annual “Fall Holiday” costume anyway.

mocahontas copy“We’re all Fauxcahontos now”

In case you were wondering, the fundraisers were a huge success yesterday. First a private soiree at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s house for a dozen of our biggest bundlers (who shall remain nameless for their own protection), then on to the cheap seats ($250) “30 Days to Victory” concert at the Nokia Theatre in Hollywood, where Katy Perry performed:

katy perryDefinitely got the memo on appropriate First Peoples “Fall Holiday” attire

Among thousands of other stars and donors were two very lucky ladies who just happened to be from two battleground states: they were the winners of the “Meet TWO Presidents” campaign sweepstakes! Imagine the thrill of being in the same room with both those guys!

bill bo clinton initative“Ah swear to you, Buddy, Katy said she was wearing her blue hair tonight too!”

Katy_PerryKaty, bedazzled in cobalt

After that pit stop, we moved right along to the really big money ($25,000/plate) at Wolfie’s “WP24” which stands for “Wolfgang Puck, 24th floor of the Hollywood Ritz Carlton.” If Big Guy had a restaurant it would look just like that, only it would be named after himself of course:

white-houseBO1600: serving only locally sourced organic produce and Wagu beef

From there, it’s on to San Fran for Big Guy to pick up more bags of gold (almost $7 million just yesterday!) at a $20,000/plate dinner. It sure costs a lot to run a campaign these days. The good news is despite that little slip up in Denver we’re still on track to raise the $1 billion Messina promised, despite all the whining and crying wolf. I guess it worked.

Just don’t ask where it came from. Apparently solicitation of and contribution by foreign nationals is illegal in America! Who knew? Butt since I understand it looks like we’re going to hit our goal anyway we are planning to save money by shutting down our offices in Beijing, Mumbai, Singapore, Moscow and Saudi Arabia anyway. It’s sort of like closing our embassy in Syria, it just seems the prudent thing to do now.

And speaking of the campaign, you won’t be seeing Joey B on the trail for a few days even though he is the gift that keeps giving. Apparently he’s being punished for Big Guy’s poor showing in Denver and has been sent to his room to cram for his own debate – not that he needs it any more than Big Guy.

President-Barack-obama_VP-Joe_Biden_“Don’t worry Big Guy, I’ve got your back.”

Lady M will hit the trail running again tomorrow to re-tell her love story with Buhrock for the umpteenth time, and remind people of all the wonderful things he’s done since he got to Washington.

As Big Guy himself summed it up last night:

“We’re not finished yet. And I’m a big believer in closing the deal.”

“You will see me working as hard as I’ve ever worked for the next three years” he continued, before catching himself – “the next 30 days. It will seem like 3 years. And then you’ll see me working as hard as I ever had for the next four years.”

bo wash crumbles“You will see me working as hard as I’ve ever worked for the next three years”

111228-obama-economic-record“the next 30 days. It will seem like 3 years.

reg and bo“And then you’ll see me working as hard as I ever had for the next four years.


121007-deficit-charth/t Doug Ross                          That’s the problem.

So don’t anybody let up just yet. There’s still time to turn this whole thing upside down. If Hugo can do, so can we! YES WE CAN!

hugo bo frown smileTurn that old smirk frown upside down

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