Sunday, December 16, 2012

If you lock up the lunatics before they commit a crime, who will run the government?

The Gateway Pundit has details on a little reported fact that may be relevant to the Connecticut school massacre:

Here’s a fact you might not know – Connecticut is one of only SIX states in the U.S. that doesn’t have a type of “assisted outpatient treatment” (AOT) law (sometimes referred to as “involuntary outpatient treatment”). There’s no one standard for these types of laws, but (roughly speaking) these are laws that allow for people with mental illness to be forcibly treated BEFORE they commit a serious crime. Whereas previous legal standards held that the mentally ill cannot be institutionalized or medicated until they harm someone or themselves, or until they express an immediate intent to do so, AOT laws (again, roughly speaking) allow for preventative institutionalization or forced medication (I highly recommend reading the data cited in the link I provided in this paragraph, especially regarding what is known as “first episode psychosis”).

Apparently far left groups (the ACLU filing against the law here) defeated a Connecticut mental health protections law just months before the Newtown shootings. Their primary concern being that the proposed law would “severely curtail the privacy rights and liberty issues of people with psychiatric disabilities.”

Disabilities?” That’s a nice politically correct term. Unfortunately nobody on the ACLU staff addressed the severe curtailment of the privacy rights and liberties of the victims of a person suffering from one of these “dangerous disabilities.”

And that’s all MOTUS is going to say regarding this horror, concurring completely with Clarice’s Pieces today:

So spare us all for a decent interval the long distance shibboleths of gun control, the amateur psychoanalysis, the morbid and soul killing paparazzi shots of parents learning for the first time of the slaughter of their children.
Let's have a decent silence to contemplate the eternal nature of evil and the tragic loss we all feel.

Back away from the microphones.

Put down those cameras.

Let us just grieve.


In other news: Hillary Clinton will be unable to testify on the Benghazi affair this week since apparently she fell down and broke her crown.

Jack and Jill went up the hill

bo hill yikes

To fetch a pail of water.

benghazi bombing

Jack fell down and broke his crown,


And Jill came tumbling after.

hilzI tells you, it was the movie!

Moral of the story: Be very careful of the company you keep, for it may drag you back into all your old, bad habits.


And who knows what may may come tumbling down behind:

obama nixon

“I’m just telling you, son, it’s always about the cover-up.”

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