Friday, December 28, 2012

The No Santa Clause



Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Butt he’s probably not who you think he is.


And like everything in America these days, there are people on both sides of the issue. Take Touré for example, who’s waging his own private war on Christmas by attacking Santa Claus.

toure imagesizerImagine: a smug, arrogant preppy, half-black dude with a cool name lecturing us on Santa Claus

Obama-Terry03Now imagine that poseur on steroids

Touré Neblett has been much criticized for his refusal to lie to his children about Santa Claus:

During a cute segment on what The Cycle hosts did for their respective Christmas celebrations, Touré shocked his colleagues (and plenty of viewers) by saying that he refuses to lie to his children about the existence of Santa Claus, instead allowing his kids to pick out their own presents and not think that some “stranger” magically places gifts under the tree overnight.

“My 5-year-old and 3-year-old, we didn’t talk about Santa at all,” he explained. “I went shopping with them and let Hendrix pick out a present for himself and his sister…the idea that the presents did not come from us never came up. It never occurred. We put out the presents before bedtime on Christmas Eve. There was no myth that some stranger is going to come in through the door.”

Co-host Krystal Ball had just explained her daughter’s cute Santa-related story, and so she proceeded to tease Touré and call his parenting decision “lame.”

“I’m sorry. We didn’t lie to our children,” he shot back. “I don’t think that that’s lame, but whatever…”

I, on the other hand, think uber-liberal Touré might have inadvertently stumbled onto something and ought to be applauded. His approach to raising children by not lying to them might just save the country.

Dear santa how much do I owe youDear Santa, I’m 2 years old. How much do I owe you so far?

Can you even imagine the benefits of having a whole generation of children who’ve been taught that there’s no such thing as Santa Claus! That it’s up to them to work hard, save their money and then buy what they want rather than waiting for Santa to deliver their presents every month.


Good luck Touré, that’s going to be a hard sell. And until that takes root, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. As long as BO is president and Congress is in session...


all of our Christmas presents will be funded by Christmases future.


So here’s the immortal question: is it better to lie to your children about “Santa Claus” or not to lie to your children about “Santa Claus?” I reflect, you decide.

obama-santa_1541469iI’m Barack Hussein Obama-Claus, and I do not approve this message.

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