Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Obama Dined at Morimoto, 41 Ate Chinese

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I did, and even managed to go home to visit my Mirror family. Little Bro Mirror was released from the hospital and was home for Christmas; a testament to the miracle of modern medicine. Everyone told him how lucky he was to have suffered this major health malfunction before he was forced to buy a chance in the Obamacare lottery and wait for his number to come up – one way or another. So even though he still has a long recovery ahead of him, we were all humbly grateful and joyously celebratory this year.

Butt here’s what you get when the “B” team is on duty:


Instead of a high quality reflection, all you get is a grainy, crappy photo taken by a local journolist of MO and BO leaving Morimoto Waikiki where they dined before Christmas.

Actually, the restaurant choice was surprising because, as I pointed out last year, Morimoto isn’t exactly an exemplary model of our new soon-to-be-imposed standards of civility.


A little too much “Samurai Warrior” for the kinder, gentler, unarmed citizenry

As I understand them, the civility standards require the complete disarming of both citizens and uh…undocumented workers.

Not that I’m accusing Morimoto of being an illegal alien:

36 hours in honoluluButt that tongue is suspect

Other than eating, so far we haven’t done much in Hawaii, mostly playing golf with our personal chef (Sammy Kass, who goes everywhere with us now that “body man” Reggie quit to pursue “other interests”).

Oh, and Lady M? She continued performing her good works even while we try to relax in Hawaii. She helped NORAD direct Santa’s sleigh to the homes of good little black children all around the world on Christmas Eve. And as is often the case when Lady M lends a hand, we broke records.


Butt back to dinner: I’m sorry I don’t have a detailed description of the menu. I do know that Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America fame, is known for “his seamless integration of Western and Japanese ingredients.” Sounds like his fare is right up Big Guy’s alley. Well, almost...


Obama will not eat my dog! (h/t Breitbart)

In other news, 41 and family enjoyed Chinese take out for their Christmas dinner.

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