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Sticks & Stones May Break Your Bones, Butt Sluts Talk Back

Four words: Irony: a cruel mistress

I know you are aware that Rush Limbaugh, titular head of the R-Words, launched the first round in the War On Women (WOW) when he savagely attacked Sandra Fluke (rhymes with duck) just because she asked America’s taxpayers to pay for her rubbers love gloves boy bonnets condoms contraceptives.


He referred to Sandra as a “slut and a prostitute” at which point all hell broke loose. Apparently the standards have been raised. Now, according to the SEIU, if you don’t charge at least as much as the hookers frequented by client #9, you can no longer claim to be anything more than a “cheeky tart.”

cub reporter-full copyI bring all this up again because I have a breaking story in the world of Feminazis. I received a tip over the weekend and, cub reporter in training that I am, dogged it to the ground.

I think this could be big. I’ve uncovered a secret cabal of proud sluts headquartered in St. Louis, MO, home of the world famous Gateway Arch and the Gateway Pundit.


I’ve discovered they’re planning to hold their inaugural event, “Sticks and Stones: Sluts Talk Back,” in conjunction with That Uppity Theater Company, tonight at the Left Bank bookstore in downtown St Louis.

That Uppity Theater Company and Left Bank Books present the Joyce Trebilcot Memorial Fund’s inaugural event “Sticks and Stones: Sluts Talk Back,” a gathering of writers, musicians, activists, elected officials, and social service administrators responding to the recent rush of misogyny in America. [ed. Got that El Rushbo?]

While misogyny is still unacceptable, it seems the term “slut” isn’t quite as offensive as we all thought it was back when Rush launched the WOW.

Here are some pertinent facts that I came up with on background:

slut (slt) n. a. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous. b. A woman prostitute.

Wikipedia, as always, provides lots of additional information: 

…a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous.The term is generally pejorative and most often applied to women as an insult or offensive term of disparagement, meaning "dirty or slovenly."

However some women have demonstrated saying they're proud of being "sluts", and have given it a positive connotation.

Based on my investigation, I have concluded that the “positive connotation” that Wiki is referring to are the “Slut Walks” that have gone viral since 2011. I think they were initiated as some form of feminist civil rights/gender equality/personal safety protest (+) butt quickly devolved into histrionic, attention seeking exhibitions (-). IMHO.

SlutWalk_NYC_October_2011_Shankbone_16 slut-walk

Girls gone wild, or feminists, exerting their civil rights and gender equality?  I reflect, you deride:


And in the interest of truth in journalism, I must object to the inclusion of “dirty or slovenly” in the definition of “slut.” The proper pejorative for insulting a woman who is “dirty or slovenly” is “skank.” Ipso fatso, a “dirty or slovenly” slut is technically a “skanky slut” - and I didn’t hear anybody call anyone a “skanky slut.” Did you?

As for “promiscuous, well, how many times have we all been through the calculation of how many “contraceptives” Ms. Fluke would get for her $3,000/year? A 36 count box at Wal-Mart runs you about $.50 a pop (they’ll run you a lot more if you buy them from the highway rest stop vending machine, so let’s try to plan ahead and save the taxpayers some money, ok?). That works out to about 6,000, uh…“incidents” per year - or almost 17 per day!

So unless the Flukster’s planning to provide condoms for all of the Slut Walkers in Washington D.C., I think she technically qualifies as pretty flukeing promiscuous! Unless of course she’s in a monogamous relationship. Or series of monogamous relationships.

229867080-02112241Bring it, Reproductive Rights Activists!

I’m not sure if she can proudly claim to be a slut (I have no idea if, or how much, she charges.)



As for Rush calling her a slut AND a prostitute, well, according to my research in the free on line dictionary, he is, at the very least, redundant.

Butt I digess: back to the cabal in St. Louis who proudly and willingly call themselves Sluts:

This event will take place tonight, May 14, with a reception at 6:30pm and performances ( oh dear!) beginning at 7:00pm. The venue is Left Bank Books Downtown, 321 N. 10th St. The event is free and open to the public.

The proud sluts will be covering topics of interest to literally dozens and dozens of people:

  • (pejorative) language
  • reproductive rights
  • domestic violence
  • economic parity

I sure HOPE the “(pejorative) language” workshop clears up that “Slut” vs “Skank” issue.

The “Speakers List” reads like a veritable “Who’s Who” of “Who’s Who?” and will include, butt is not limited to:

 Allison Hile is a liberal, middle-aged white woman who had sex when she was in high school and got very, very lucky she did not get pregnant.  Now, the Executive Director of the Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership, Missouri’s organization for adolescent sexual health, she has a master’s degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in human sexuality and is certified as a sexuality educator by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). Allison worked in abortion care for many years and has always been a tireless advocate for comprehensive sex education. 

Well, I don’t know how old Alli is, butt back in my high school, she certainly would have been entitled to call herself a “slut.” Likewise, I don’t know if the “comprehensive sex education” she tirelessly advocates is the same as the one she got in high school or is something entirely new and different. You’ll have to ask her at the event.


Kris Kleindienst is a writer and co-owner of Left Bank Books where she has worked for 37 years. She is a former writer and columnist for The News Telegraph and The Vital Voice, St. Louis-based LGBT periodicals. In 2001, she won a Lambda Literary Award for an anthology she conceived and edited, This is What Lesbian Looks Like: Dyke Activists Take on the 21st Century.She lives with her partner, Jarek Steele, their two cats and two dogs, and sometimes their two sons.


Read on, you’ll be surprised!

Jarek Steele writes and sometimes even shows that writing to other humans when he’s feeling courageous.  He co-owns Left Bank Books with his life partner, Kris and shares a home with her, two dogs, two cats and a nephew with occasional cameo appearances by their two sons. He began his transition from female to male nine years ago, and values the time in his life spent being a daughter, son, wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, lover, friend, colleague and boss to the people around him that make up the vast wealth of his friends and relations.

Looks to me like between the two of them, Kris & Jarek have all the letters in “LGBT”  covered. So I’d just like to say “Happy Mother’s Day” and “Happy Father’s Day” to both of them. I wonder how long he/she/they nursed their two sons?

And I note that Jarek describes Kris as “his life partner” while Kris describes Jarek as “her partner.” Do you think that means anything? Other than men tend to be a lot more sensitive these days?


Joan Lipkin is a playwright, lyricist, director, educator, activist and social critic, who will go to great lengths in the pursuit of peace, and gender and racial equality. She conceived Sticks and Stones as a way for women and progressive men to protest against the war on women and escalating misogyny in the US and abroad. Joan's work has been featured on network television, National Public Radio, the BBC and the Associated Press and published in numerous anthologies including MYTHIC WOMEN: REAL WOMEN.


I tweeted Julia about Joan’s anthology because I thought it sounded like her kind of read. She tweeted back and said she just ordered a used copy from Amazon.








Mark W. Tiedemann began publishing science fiction stories professionally after attending the Clarion Workshop in 1988. He has subsequently published over 50 short stories, numerous reviews and essays, and 10 novels.  Compass Reach was shortlisted for the Philip K. Dick Award in 2002.



Shortlisted for the Philip K. Dick Award!?! OK, that was a cheap won, butt you didn’t think I was going to let it get away did you? Now, if I can just find a way to work in a good “dog eating” joke, my post will be complete. 

I wonder if any of these guys work the comedy club circuit when they’re not attending alternate life style slut training sessions. If not, they should.



Summer Osborne - You could describe her as the love child of Adele, Carole King, and Joss Stone. You could describe her music as folk soul, acoustic rock, and piano pop… with glimpses of jazz, blues, and roots music. But you cannot confine her to a genre. Summer Osborne’s only goal:  to change the world by changing people’s minds about themselves… she needs LOVE, MUSIC, and YOU.


I also found this sweet little note from Summer on the web:

Hi there!

As my wife and I travel this world, we hope to be showing up in a city near YOU!! Follow the ReverbNation link to hear my music…ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS talk to me and let me know what you are thinking!!

Peace and love and green frogs…

~ Summer

Peace, love and green frogs right back at ya’ Princess  “Summer-Fall-Winter!” My shaman  predicts a future for you in politics.

Screenshot Studio capture #490Hope n’ Change via American Digest

There are many more fine speakers on the list, including Rush’s favorite MO Representative:


Stacey Newman (Missouri State Representative, D-Richmond Heights) was first elected in 2009 to the state legislature and represents Clayton, Richmond Heights and Ladue.  She currently serves as the Chair of the House Progressive Caucus, and has been a loud voice for women’s reproductive justice, domestic violence protections, gender pay equity and voters rights. 



Stacey’s voter’s rights platform includes a voter’s right to NOT have to show a photo ID at the polls. Unless it’s at a Democrat primary, where we don’t want any R-Word interlopers.

Stacey, “proud slut talking back” that she is, has caught Rush’s attention before. Back in March he covered her proposal to restrict vasectomies to cases “required to prevent serious injury or death.”

She, of course, intended her gesture to be ironic. Butt as it turns out she was too clever by half and the irony has doubled back to bite her. It seems her anti-vasectomy proposal has landed squarely in the camp of other radical groups, like the Catholic Church, who are fighting against the Obamacare mandate that forces employers to pay for contraception (including sterilizations of all ilks). Boy, talk about biting yourself in the ass! That’s gonna’ leave a mark.

no vasectomy copy

Butt I think this event is coming a little too late. Big Guy just announced that the war on women is over. No, wait, I guess that was the War On Terror. The War On Women will continue as long as Rush is still on the air, there are R-Words in the House…or Senate, or, God forbid, the Big White.

Now, about that dog eating joke to wrap things up - well, I don’t really have one. Butt I love this picture of Big Guy and his little toy Bichon.

bo-dogcone copy Obama doesn’t eat puppies, butt he does lick them.

And I’d like to think that Breitbart would too.

obama will not eat breitbart's dog-2 copy

With apologies to all LGBT’s who mind their own business and do not participate in Slut Walks

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