Monday, May 7, 2012

Where Is All This Hostility Coming From?

Four words of the day:  Lies, lies, damned lies. (h/t Juno)

My, my my! Where is all this hostility coming from?

Exhibit 1, from Jack Cashill: What Does “Composite Girl” Tell Us About Obama in which we are told:

“the real problem with Dreams is the inexcusable dishonesty throughout the book.  The promiscuous use of composites is merely a symptom of the larger problem.”

Why doesn’t he just come right out and call Big Guy a liar?

Oh wait. I guess he just did.

US President Barack Obama gestures for the crowd to keep quiet about his visit to the O&H Danish Bakery to buy kringle pastries so that First Lady Michelle Obama wouldn't find out about the visit, during a town hall event on the economy at Racine Memorial Hall in Racine, Wisconsin, June 30, 2010. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)Not lies, compressions, see the difference?

And then there’s this: General Jack Keane, the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army claiming that Big Guy knew the specifics of OBL’s location for months before deciding to pull the trigger!!?!

Wow! Why doesn’t he just come right out and say Big Guy’s incompetent!

Oh. I guess he just did.


So I tell you what: let’s change the subject. How about we talk about that ever decreasing unemployment rate! Elizabeth MacDonald reports:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the unemployment rate is dropping, and fell from 10% in October 2009 to 8.2% now. That’s got the White House and media pundits saying an economic recovery has taken place, and that the President’s stimulus bill, which cost more than $750 billion to date, has driven unemployment down towards 8% as promised.

However, the unemployment rate is the number of people out of work but who are actively looking. The government doesn’t count in that rate the now 6.3 million who have given up and stopped looking for work, but want jobs. That number has grown from 5.7 million in January 2009.

So, this "improvement" in the unemployment rate is artificial -- it was due to workers giving up and dropping out of the labor force.

Well for goodness sake, what’s her point? Just because the actual number of jobs the economy is losing every month is greater than the number being “created”  doesn’t necessarily mean that our unemployment numbers are lies, does it?

Oh. I guess it does.


“What’s important is the broader trend. Since President Obama took office, America has lost a net 740,000 jobs. But during the first 30 months of President Ronald Reagan’s economic recovery, which started in December 1982, total U.S. employment increased by 8.9 million jobs.”

Anyway, back to the Democratic Caucuses in Michigan last Saturday: you may have seen bringsdogstowork’s comment that the link, which originally stated Please bring a photo id had been changed to read "Please bring an id (photo id is not required.)"

In the interest of complete transparency, and just so there’s no confusion as to who’s lying to whom, I thought I should publish Big Guy’s Big White Government Sanctioned (isn’t that illegal?) email that Raj received regarding Saturday’s event:

Photo ID Required copy

So I guess maybe they were just getting some flak from the social justice squad regarding the requirement to flash a photo ID, and decided to correct the errors of their way.

An aside: I really love the way Team Obama’s Technogeek Field Technology Unit is able to zero in on where all our loyal supporters are located and personally direct geographically specific information in real time to them. Don’t you? It’s sort of like Big Brother watching you, only better.

President Barack Obama looks through the Oval Office door peephole as his personal secretary Katie Johnson  watches 3/12/09.
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Anyway, enough about me. Did you see the news from across the pond this weekend? In a surprising move, socialist France elected a full socialist president. So Sarkozy and the previously lovely Carla are now going to have to find their own quarters, complete with a nursery and nanny’s quarters. Boy, that’s going to cost a pretty penny given the state of the French economy!

Incoming leftist Francois Mitterrand Hollande will be arriving with his baggage and live-in, uh, Grand Dame, shortly. Whereas they are not married it’s unclear at this point just what Ms. Trierweiler will be called. It could be worse though, Francois could have had a same sex partner in which case the traditional ‘Première Dame’ may or may not have been appropriate. I hope they straighten this out soon, it’s clear we can’t continue with the long standing traditional ways and titles.

After all, traditional marriage is so last century. And irrelevant. If you don’t believe me just ask Joey B: it means absolutely nothing anymore. Or anything. Whatever you want it to be, or not. Who do you love? That’s all.


Butt just because Mitterrand Hollande didn’t marry the woman he cohabitated with for 30 years and had 4 children by doesn’t mean he won’t marry his new mistress, Valarie Trierweiler:

hollande and trierweilerVictorie! Francois and his Rottweiler

Although the fact that Ms. Trierweiler once slapped a male colleague for making a “sexist” remark probably augers against there being one of those old fashioned sexist rituals taking place in the Elysee Palace –  now known as the temple of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité and European Socialism!

Big Guy’s totally cool with that. And it will be nice to have a fellow traveler along for the upcoming G-8 and NATO summit.

So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the official title for the little French Rottweiler will be.

the rotweiler

All I know is there hadn’t better be any more doggie jokes at the upcoming G-8 meeting.

joey b and puppy%20biden2That includes you, Joey! And put that rotty pup down!

Anyhoo, I understand that the French Rotty had a major hand in the transformation of Hollande: turning the bland political wannabe from a quite ordinary little party functionary into the lightweight contender and title winner that his is today. Since Valarie has a media background she knows how important the right kind of media coverage is when dealing with mediocre talent.

              hollande colbertcolbert

One of these two mediocre talents should be able to take advantage of the other’s.

It’s just like H. L. Menken said, "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the French public."  No wait! That’s a lie! Well, a joke really - he was talking about the American public!

bo winksButt don’t worry: we’re all in on the joke now.

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