Friday, May 11, 2012

I Reflect, You Perceive

Four words for today: The image of quality.

Lady M is all over that little hissy fit she threw over being left behind by the Wonce on the tarmac. Now that Big Guy’s followed her sage advice and gone on record as America’s Great Gay HOPE, she’s totally back in the game with him.

See? Here she is yesterday looking all mellowy yellowy with Dr. Jill at our Mother’s Day Joining Forces photo op party for children of military families:

mo joining forces.4jpg

As you see, everyone’s having a great time! Little children just love Lady M!

mo joining force5sBra strap alert

So whew! That’s a relief. What a difference a day makes. On Wednesday we were sweating bullets over how to handle Joey’s “gaffe” and then all of sudden, there we were yesterday,  back in everyone’s good graces! We even sent chills up the legs of our brave lapdogs again, who are out there preaching our gospel. 

And look at this other big sea change from one day to the next: here’s Big Guy’s energy plan from his website on May 9:


And here’s that same plan on May 10:


Did you notice? Unspecified (presumably government mandated) “energy efficiency” has been replaced with…“clean coal” – and you probably thought there was no such thing!

To what can we credit this energy “evolution?” Jim Hoft blames felon Keith Judd. Butt I think that’s a little cynical, just because he nearly whooped Big Guy in an insignificant primary is hardly the basis for a major change in energy policy. No, it’s a bit more nuanced, it’s based on the current perceptions of our Energy Department. And what Dr. Chu was recently perceived is that end of the world as he knows it is at hand, and he figured a little more green house gas one way or the other won’t make much of a difference after all.

end_world_nukeNuclear Iran: artist’s rendition

AnarchAngel2012Map1Nuclear American Plan: voter’s rendition

And did you hear Big Guy say the other day that “Sometimes I forget the magnitude of the recession.” Really?  I’m guessing that’s probably because our jobs and unemployment numbers are constantly improving. Or something.

Butt I guess there are still a lot of other ‘folks’ – just like Julia – who never forget. No sir, not when their unemployment has run out and they still can’t find a job in George W. Bush’s ongoing recession. Unfortunately their perception is that it’s a magnitude 9.8.

So it looks like things are still hard out there for a pimp. Did you hear that J.P. Morgan Chase lost $2 billion in its hedging operations? I hope they aren’t too big to fail, because  Ann Barnhardt scared the begeezus out of everyone trying to warn us about just this sort of thing. Although she seemed to focus on thieves like Jon Corzine stealing client funds at MF Capital. Yes - that Jon Corzine - Big Guy’s good friend and Wall Street bundler: Jon Corle-Ozine, the first person Big Guy and Joey B called when they drafted their economic recovery plan. 

Ann is obviously not as impressed with Jon-Jon as the Wonce and his sidekick Cletus are:

bo joey

“You have to understand, people like Jon Corzine, these are evil, evil people. You have to stop thinking that these people are just misguided, or there’s some sort of difference of opinion on economic theory. These people are nefariously trying to destroy everything in this country. It’s called the Cloward-Piven strategy. Go in and destory and collapse the entire economy, everything. And then re-build a new Marxist Socialist Fascist State out of the burning rubble of this destruction. This is not a function of incompetence. It’s a function of malice of forethought and conscientious theft and destruction.”

“Malice of forethought and conscientious theft and destruction?” That’s rather harsh, don’t you think? Only the 1% and Tea Party racist haters would describe the redistribution of wealth as theft, and refer to Obamacare as “destruction.” That’s the other thing about the rightwingnutz, they’re totally given to hyperbole.

Anyway Big Guy’s got much bigger fish to fry. And we’ve just got to get over this cynicism.

"Folks are still hurting out there and those frustrations with Washington and the nonsense they see on the news is making them more cynical than they were in 2008," Obama said. "So we're going to have to fight against cynicism and a belief that maybe things can't happen and maybe the game is rigged, what's the point. That's what we're going to be fighting against this time."

Got that? We’re going to have to fight the perception that the game is rigged. That reminds me of the 80’s, when the Big Three Automakers were fighting the perception that American cars were inferior to their foreign competitors. So they decided right then and there that they had to start marketing the image of quality.

We all know how well that worked out.

government-motors-obamaAfter all, perception is in the eye of the beholden.

I reflect, you perceive.

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