Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Hoarse of a Different Color

Today’s four words: One. Big. Ass. Moon.

Saturday was a killer: we campaigned to the point of hoarseness. That’s hoarse - with an “a.”

bo hoarseA horse is hoarse, of course, of course

I know - it was derby day, so it’s easy to get your horse’s asses confused: they all look the same from the rear. Butt let the record reflect: I’ll Have Another won, and My Adonis was scratched. I wouldn’t read anything into it though, because frankly, nobody really needs Another. And everyone knows these horse races are rigged.

Which reminds me, I see that, in addition to the War on Women, the R-words have now launched a War on our Lapdogs too. What next – a demand to show a photo ID to vote?

Bo_Briefing_Lap_DogsLittle Bo, briefing our Lapdogs

Anyway, the R-words launched this war a long time ago:

It became more important and fashionable for a majority in the media to protect their lifestyles against the right-wing horde descending upon them, and to assuage their guilt, rather than comprehend what was happening around them or the controlling agenda they unwittingly supported.

Thus, the coverage of news stories concerning conservative issues or politicians became notable for vitriol and deliberate slanting or omission of facts. Polls, commissioned by the media and easily manipulated, were substituted for news and real reporting…(snip)

This 45-year evolution of the mainstream media culminated in the election of Barack Obama, who on the surface fulfilled all the requirements of an ideal presidential candidate for the chattering class. He was one of them --  Ivy League-educated, well-spoken, attractive, and capable of saying all the right things designed to appeal to the myopic worldview of the New York-Washington media axis. But above all, he was African-American, an opportunity to wash away the collective guilt so embedded in the psyche of the press.[ed. and, as it turned out, a good deal of the rest of the nation as well]


Butt since today is National Lemonade Day (really), let’s give the lapdogs the benefit of the doubt and just say they’re trying to make lemonade out of all the lemons they’ve been sucking on for a couple of years. Cripes! We haven’t had a really good jobs report in what – 39 months? So they have to do the best with what we give them:


nprsucks Like Weasel Zippers, I, too, will go out on a limb and say…uh, no.


So let’s talk about something a bit more upbeat: our big launch of the READY TO GO -FORWARD campaign in Columbus yesterday. Yay! Do I hear a “FIRE UP!”?


guarding the emptiesHere a policeman stands guard in case there’s an “overflow” crowd and they need to use the balconies. They didn’t.

The last time Lady M and Big Guy campaigned together in Ohio was in October of 2010, remember? Before the Tea Party swept a gazillion conservatives into office? So yesterday Lady M decided to get a little more dressed up for the rally. Although I don’t really think she can blame her sartorial choice for the drumming the Dems took in 2010. It may have been a bit, uh, unconventional, butt I’m unaware of any political contest that has ever been lost because the FLOTUS wore her blouse backwards.

      backwards sweater shirtbackwards

Let’s just say it would have been a confusing choice for launching the campaign we’ve now decided to dub “FORWARD.”

Big Guy, on the other hand, chose to wear exactly the same thing he did last time.

huggy facewhy size matters mobo

Why size matters

histeppinggoing bomo

2010 (l) 2012 (r): Say! That’s not a shift is it…to the right?


Butt say - that reminds me! Did you all see the “super moon” last night!? Awesome!



Butt I digress. As I was saying, BO wore his lucky casual-day outfit: navy blazer, light blue shirt, brown slacks, brown shoes. He did change his rhetoric up a little though. We’re still all about HOPE and CHANGE, butt he didn’t mention George W. Bush by name this time when he blamed everything on the previous administration. So that’s a step FORWARD.

happy togethermobo prancy dancers

Columbus, 2010 and 2012. Still in step! Still READY TO GO! FORWARD!

Oh, and just one other news item of note before I’m off: yesterday was Democratic Caucus day in Michigan. Don’t worry, the Preezy of the United Steezy won the delegation in a breezy. What was interesting though was this reminder to the delegates be to be sure to bring their photo I.D.!

Things will get started at 9 a.m. and the registration to vote at the caucus ends at 11 a.m. You must be 18-years old or older, registered to vote (or be eligible to vote in the November election and willing to pledge that you will register to vote by then) and in line by 11 a.m. to vote. You will be asked to sign a statement saying your are participating as a Democrat. Please bring a photo id.

Because winging it is good enough for general elections, butt we can’t have any interlopers sneaking into the Michigan Democratic Caucuses.

restricted area

Only lapdogs need apply.

group-of-dogsI understand there are butts here that need to be sniffed.

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