Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ever “Wonder” who’s Co-President around here?

Four Words: notch in the belt.

obama-umbrellaAmerica’s Co-Presidents: We’re on right path now, comrades

Boy, Ed Klein’s new book has more panties in a bunch around here than even Jodi Kantor’s did – and I didn’t think that was possible.

President Obama famously claimed to know more about policy than his policy directors, but he didn’t mention First Lady Michelle Obama, who comprises one half of a “stealth co-presidency” according to a new book on the Obamas.

It’s not as if Lady M wanted to be co-president:

Michelle Obama practically vetoed the choice of Hillary Clinton serving as vice president. “Do you really want Bill and Hillary just down the hall from you in the White House?” she asked Barack Obama, according to Edward Klein’s The Amateur, who says that a New York State Democratic Party official told him “‘Michelle certainly played a role’ in selecting Joe Biden.”

Well, maybe she did:

Joey B, proving yesterday that, well, I’m not sure what it proved. Maybe that the Dreams from his Father were just as good as the dreams of Big Guy’s? I’m not a doctor, butt it sounds to be like a little Prozac in his morning coffee might not be a bad idea. Joey’s, I mean.

Ed Klein, the liar, continues:

Justice Sonia Sotomayor owes a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Obama, as well. “The First Lady thought Sotomayor had all those . . . qualities her husband was looking for in an appointee,” Klein quotes “a confidant” as saying. “Barack has always listened to what she has to say.”

smoochies bo mo Can you hear me now, Buh-rock!? I’ll tell you which wise Latina you’re going to appoint to the Supremes! Got it?

And here’s a helpful little tip, in case you ever have to deal with Lady M: she doesn’t like to be embarrassed. You would have thought our (former) big brained Chief of Staff would have been bright enough to figure that out on his own:

Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was almost forced out of his job by the first lady after Obama sustained the embarrassment of campaigning for a doomed Martha Coakley in Massachusetts, whose loss to Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., cost the Democrats their super-majority in the Senate.

“Michelle told the president that he needed a new team of advisers, starting with Rahm Emanuel,” Klein writes. “‘She feels as if our rudder isn’t set right,’ the president told his aides. When Emanuel heard that, he strode into the Oval Office and submitted his resignation. It was turned down. But by then Emanuel’s days were numbered.”

goodbuddiesButt don’t worry Rahm, we’ll still be friends.

So just who in the heck is Klein calling an “Amateur” anyway? It hadn’t better be Lady M, because she’s the “closer” around here. And as you recall, it was Lady M who had to fire Desiree, because she forgot to send Winter Holiday greeting cards to our biggest donors back in our first historic year. An unforgivable offense in politics.

desiree_rogersSeriously, only an amateur would have allowed Ms. leather-pants-and-stilettos to stick around the Big White after such a performance.

And it was also Lady M who had to deal with Oprah-Doprah’s attempt to horn in on the Co-Presidency. Honestly, some people think you can just buy your way in to the halls of power,


instead of earning it the old fashioned way.


Besides, she’s fat: what kind of a role model for young women is that? Oprah, I mean.


And those belts that Lady M wears? She adds a new notch every time we whack another one off our Co-President’s Enemies list:

notched V-Beltobama-michelle-belt1

Does that sound like an amateur to you?


Me either.

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