Saturday, May 19, 2012

“Birth” of a Liberal’s “Truth”

Four words: Liar, Liar, pants on fire! (I lied about it being 4 words.)

Well isn’t this just dandy?

“Why was Obama a birther before he decided to run for president?”

That’s like asking “When did Big Guy lie, and how did he know he was lying?” So for the zillionth time: that disinformation about Kenya being the birthplace of Barack Barry Obama was a “fact checking” error – you know, as in “I didn’t think anyone would ever bother to check the facts.”

Here’s the bottom line, this was all just a big mis-misunderstanding that started with a simple mistake that just replicated itself.

obama replicantThe Replicant-in-Chief

When Big Guy, known as Barry back then, filled out his first college application he thought they were asking where his father was born so naturally he inserted “Kenya.” And apparently this one innocent little fact checking error continued to dog him all the way from Occidental College to Columbia to Harvard and right on into the book bio (which was not an auto-bio) and his Senate run in 2004. And if there were any advantages to being an African-born African-American with respect to special treatment programs in place at the time, well, that would just be a coincidence. A happy coincidence, butt a coincidence none-the-less.

And just to show how these little “fact checking” errors self-replicate, just look at how many of Big Guy’s own friends used to be birthers! Right up until they saw how it might queer his Preezy deal. (I can say “queer” now, right? Now that Big Guy’s out of the closet on the right side of history, right?)

So can you believe it? One little teeny-tiny mistake eventually turned into this whole huge “Birther” controversy that lives on to this day. Thanks to the rightwing nutz.

The same sort of thing happened to Elizabeth Warren: she happened to mention to her sorority sisters one day how much she enjoyed Indian pudding, and the next thing you know everyone just assumed she was Cherokee – on account of her high cheek bones! Boy, if high cheekbones is all it takes to be part Cherokee, we might just have another little princess around here.


Could Lady M’s high cheekbones mean she’s part Indian too? Or at least part Brahmin, like Lizzie Warren? Or at least Brahman? Because aren’t they Indians too?

MO Dancer-1 copy

Anyway, I just thought you might want to know how lies about liberals get started.  

Anyhoo, I’ve got a little bit of housekeeping I need to tend to now so I’ll get back to fill you in on Big Guy’s sleep over at Camp David tomorrow.

bo and the antsDon’t worry Big Guy, all your little friends will show up. They probably just missed the bus.


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