Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New World Order: More Containment, Less Charmeuse

What a busy week – so busy I forgot to go to one of the Sundance movies I scored tickets for! I’m not complaining though. Everyone else around here has been doing their share of sacrificin’ too:


Even Little Bo was pressed into action. He had to  stand on line with the Wons for 36 minutes yesterday before finally being relieved of duty!

Screenshot Studio capture #884Screenshot Studio capture #885Screenshot Studio capture #886little bo at 3008

Plus we had to go to church:

mo nice fit through the midsection

…and cry:

la-ol-jillbiden-doctorate-titles-brooch 0130122-001

Butt you’re probably more interested in Lady M’s frock, by Naeem Khan (also of Indian dinner gown fame). Here it is full Monty and sans coat, with mini-me sweater:

    naeem kahnp012213ps-06612

I note from the inaugural festivities that it is official: Joey is planning to run for prezzy in ‘16. To carry on that special vision he and Big Guy share that makes them so simpatico: closing the door on the American century.

And as you can see, Dr. Jill has taken on the Lady-in-waiting role.

michelle and jill parade

Boots, check:


Brooches, check:

jills brooch

And here’s another tell: she’s wearing stockings! And not just the sort of leggings or hosiery anyone would wear; we’re talking special “taking the country places it’s never been before” stockings – lace! With boots!!

dr jill in stockingsdr jill in stockings

Then there was the boob belt at the Inaugural Ball:

jill i've seen worse

Of course, Dr. Jilly has a few years on Lady M so her “boob” belt rides a little lower.

jilly sleeveless

The inaugural gown proved once again that - no matter how skinny, how in shape, or how many cosmetic “interventions” you’ve had - nobody should wear silk charmeuse unless you’re Angelina Jolie:


A more unforgiving fabric has never been invented. And our First ladies - black, red, white or blue – could use a little forgiveness.

jill mo drapes

If for nothing else, then for the men they chose to marry.

mo rear

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