Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Mind-Meld, With Cheese

I thought I could side-step the Jedi-Vulcan-mind field blowup from last Friday. Butt you know how geeks are, they just won’t let it die.

The take-away from that presser was supposed to be “I AM NOT A DICTATOR” which worked pretty good for awhile. Then all the geeks, counter-geeks and presidential pundits had to weigh in.

Jedi-Obama-Action-Figure-__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1274296392032Pull your pantaloons up, my little Jedi warrior

Next thing you know we’re getting analyses of whether the mix up of “Jedi mind tricks” with “Vulcan mind-meld” was purposeful, to demonstrate that Big Guy’s too cool to be a nerdy sci-fi geek. That argument was immediately countered by the nerdy sci-fi geeks - who really want to own this guy - that there is such a thing as a Jedi mind-meld, it’s just technically known as a Force-meld.

Again, whenever BO makes a gaffe like this (or all of these), you can blame TOTUS: either for not keeping up with him (who can?), going dark (racist), or scrolling the wrong words – as was the case this time.

It wasn’t strictly TOTUS’ fault though; when BO’s staff reviewed what the writers were going to have the articulate Won say about the Vulcan mind-meld, they panicked, seeing an onslaught of ear jokes. Knowing how sensitive BO is about his ears, they reloaded his words at the last minute changing it to a Jedi mind-meld.

obama_spock_220x157MoDo’s still waiting for her invitation to the Big White; so don’t tell her how sensitive BO is about his ears.

Dumbo flapsWhat’s the big flap about?

Butt as  Prof. Jacobson has noted, “Obama means never having to say you’re sorry,”** so we’re sticking with the “technically there is such a thing as a Jedi mind-meld, it’s just that its known as a Force-meld” explanation. The Republicans of course are having none of it; they’re sticking with the fact that Big Guy’s comments about forcing them to approve his sequester plan sounded clueless because he’s, well, clueless.

bo the lightbringerThe Jedi Mindmelder: scary isn’t it?

My only complaint is that when the big brains around here decided to replace Big Guy’s Vulcan reference with a Jedi one, they were completely oblivious to the opportunity it presented for another round of far more egregious jokes: Wookies.


Well, as that wise woman said just yesterday, "It just goes to show you, it's always something--if it ain't one thing, it's another."

wookie burgerOkay then; another round of Wagu Wookie burgers all around! Can I get mine with cheese?


** Strangely enough, Al Gore had nothing to do with it.

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