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Were you there? At our first MOOgle+? I was and I don’t remember seeing most of you. Oh, you didn’t know that Google + Hangouts works both ways? Well it does, butt I’ll let you off the hook this time and fill you in on all the fun we had so you don’t leave me hanging there by myself next time.

First, our hangout was hosted by Kelly Ripka

Screenshot Studio capture #805

butt since she was MOOgle+ing someplace else, we didn’t have to stand next to that skinny bi...little lady.

KellyRipa Ha... she’s got an outie!!!

Lady M and I were safely at home in our Big White studio. With all of our snacks tucked away out of camera range.

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in the “Let’s Move!” Google+ Hangout in the Blue Room of the White House, March 4, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Shoot (can I say that?), I didn’t even have to power up my trans-imaging hardware, no butt shots and no skinny bi…. little ladies on the set.

Luckily, there were other, more...uh, respectful props. Take Lexie Croft...Please! (h/t: Hennie Youngman)

lexy croftWe’re just as thrilled to have you with us, Lexie!

Lexie is the proprietor of the intertoob sensation, Lexie’s Kitchen. Haven’t heard of it? Me either, butt here’s a look at it’s banner:


Yeah. Lexie looks totally gluten, dairy, egg and lots of other stuff free to me too. Anyway, her site is chuck full of yummy sounding gluten, dairy, egg and lots of other stuff free recipes. Take the first recipe in the list, Buckwheat Groats & Oats Waffles...Plea... I’ve already used that one, haven’t I?

Anyhoo, the Buckwheat Groats & Oats Waffles are Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Egg-free, Nut-free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Easily Vegan! And they sound like they taste absolutely ... Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Egg-free, Nut-free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Easily Vegan! Yummo! I wonder if Lady M is going to order up a batch of these for our next over-nighter? I’m probably not supposed to talk about the O-N’s, so just forget that I brought it up.

Next up, Kishan Shah:

xxx shah

Kishan is a 26-year-old New Yorker who works in the financial industry or, at least what’s left of it. Kishan likes poetry, smooth jazz, sunset walks on the beach and making scrambled eggs at midnight. He bravely shared his weight loss success story. Shah weighed 200 lbs. at age 12 and 400 lbs. at 19, but dropped down to 185 lbs. through healthy diet and exercise. And get this, he did all that years before Lady M’s No Child’s Fat Behind initiative launched! I don’t know how he did it alone either, butt here’s proof:

kishan shah400 lbs on the “Left” and 185 lbs on the “Right”... *wink*

We’re up to Brad Lowery now:

Brad Lowery“Hi Mrs. Obama!”

Brad’s a father of three, works in the health care field (lucky stiff) and is no stranger to Google+. Brad regularly hosts Google+ hangouts on the topic of health and fitness. Ever been to one of Brad’s hangouts? No? Me either. Butt from the looks of his gray hotel room, I’m guessing they’re fun. And informative.

Time for some diversity I think, so let’s meet Denene Millner:

Denene MillnerThat’s better! Lady M wouldn’t be caught dead in the hair, butt loves the frock.

Denene’s a New York Times bestselling author (just like Lady M and Big Guy!). She’s married and Denene and her husband share two daughters (just like Lady M and Big Guy!).  She is also the founder of the blog, MyBrownBaby.com. Man, you coulda’ knocked me over with a feather! I had no idea she was Mexican!

Last, butt by no means least, our most important and influential set of props, children! That’s right, Mrs. McGuiness's entire third grade class!

Screenshot Studio capture #814Who can say “No” to children? Cold hearted R-words, that’s who!

Mrs. McGuiness's third grade class joined us from Brewer Community School in Brewer, Maine. The class has recently been learning all about health and fitness, butt apparently not much of anything else. I asked the class during my pre-Lady M warm-up, if anybody knew what Maine’s motto is. The big kid in the back on the right thought it was “Eat healthy” and nobody else was even willing to guess.


When I told them it is Dirigo,  I got a harsh stare from Mrs. McGuiness and she advising me that her class was “way to young to know about Quentin Tarantino movies, even those of historical significance.” I guess Mrs. McGuiness doesn’t know what Maine’s  motto is either, probably because she’s from New Hampshire.

django unchained

Boy you just never know what’s going to go haywire at these MOOgle+s. I thought the state motto question would be a no-brainer: I would have sworn that Mrs. McGuiness  would have been prepped our props for that one because Dirigo is Big Guy’s favorite Latin word, translating roughly to “I rule”, “I direct” or “I lead”. Although he’s also fond of “Vinco” because somebody told him it means “I Won” not “I’ll have another glass of chardonnay.”

Well, those are the essentials of the hangout, butt if you really want to torture  watch it yourself, here it is. Please enjoy:


Or, in case you have something more fun to do, like clean the toilets, I’ve put together a little MOOgle+ Wordle of Lady M’s key words. Consider it MOOgle+ at a glance. I love technology.


t=bone wordle3 copy

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