Saturday, April 20, 2013

America’s Chechens are Coming Home to Roost*

It was the day the earth stood still.

Or at least Boston:

boston abandonedBoston in lockdown

Can you even believe it? A whole AMERICAN city shutdown for a one-man manhunt? Heck, New York didn’t completely close up shop even after 9/11. Butt that was back at the turn of the century, before everyone was convinced that we could no longer take care of ourselves. You know, back when your children were still your responsibility?

Butt back to Boston: after a day long “shelter in place” order was lifted, we have a man - who stepped out of the house for a smoke - to thank for the capture of dirtbag #2. I probably would have just called the cops when I saw  blood on the boat cover, butt being a Marlboro Man, the homeowner went and got his step ladder, climbed up, pulled the tarp back and confirmed there was a non-responsive man bleeding in his boat. He’s lucky JoKar was dozing off due to loss of blood, or he’d probably be dead. Massachusetts being a no-gun state and all, he was armed only with a rake.

And how about the rest of you Watertown residents: would you have felt better during yesterday’s mandatory lockdown if you’d had a gun at the ready, locked and loaded? Yes? Then maybe you should rethink the people you elected. The ones who took that constitutional right away from you. I’m not looking to cause trouble here, I’m just pointing out that no matter how good the police are – and they are usually excellent – they can’t be everywhere at all times to protect you and yours from evil doers. For example, they weren’t on Franklin Street in Watertown yesterday evening when the Marlboro Man found the perp in his boat.

In light of the fact that “all terrorism is connected.” (h/t Clarice) and it appears that  “the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolf Terrorists,” as Mark Steyn calls them, is growing by leaps and bounds., the police might need some help. And better us than Big Guy’s “civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military.

civilian military

Especially after seeing how Obamacare is shaping up, I don’t think we can afford that new militia; in more ways than one.

Now, I know that Big Guy doesn’t think we can be trusted with out Second Amendment right to bear arms. Butt having allowed all these “lone wolves” into our country - despite warnings from their own homeland – to wander freely amongst us I just don’t feel comfortable surrendering those rights just yet.

The US may be shocked that the terrorist suspects behind the Boston bombings are Chechen natives, but Russia has long cautioned Washington about giving asylum to Islamists from the North Caucasus, political analyst Dmitry Babich told RT..

It’s about time we take back the responsibility for protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors. Because that’s what American’s do, right? And we need our second amendment right to bear arms in order to do that, right?

Because unlike our Prezzy, most of our Governors, Mayors and miscellaneous elected officials, we don’t have our own personal, taxpayer supplied, machine gun carrying bodyguards, 24/7 for ourselves and our families. Butt I’ve got my Glock! And my Colt M4! With high-capacity magazines. Just in case I’m nervous and miss a couple of times.

And don’t even get me started on “comprehensive immigration reform” today. It will allow us to “matriculate” more Chechens more quickly. Cock-a-doodle-do.

skyfall chicks with guns


So, for those of you who want us to be more like Europe: Congratulations! You may soon get your wish.


So will you people stop worrying about the Tea Party? I don’t really think we are the enemy.

who invited the tea party

Unless of course you think we the people are no longer trustworthy enough to form our own militia.


Because the practitioners of the religion of peace seem unable or unwilling to separate themselves from the practitioners of the religion of terrorism and unless and until they do, we will have to fight.

Because they hate us.

    violent islam

Because they hate our way of life.

 freedom of expression

Butt they don’t mind using our own principles against us. Irony? Yes, apparently it didn’t die on 9/11 after all. It was just co-opted by the terrorists.



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