Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Extremists Amongst Us: Evolving

Thoughts and prayers this morning for yesterday’s bombing victims and their families.

I know there has been talk about the Marathon Bomber being a disgruntled Tea Partier (well okay, it was just Tingles and CNN dufus, Peter Bergen, who came right out and said it, butt you know others were hoping thinking it too.)


From what I hear via Little Mo that is very unlikely. Here’s part of the report he filed late last night:

“Authorities say they are searching for a darker skinned or black male with a black backpack and black sweatshirt, possibly foreign national from the accent of the individual. Five minutes before the first explosion, officials said this person attempted to gain entry to a restricted area. When turned away, he broke eye contact and pulled his sweatshirt hood over his head and left, officials said.”

Sounds to me like Congress should pass a bill outlawing hoodies. Or maybe not. That might be racist.


So it doesn’t look like the Left’s wet dream is going to survive the light of day. Not that they don’t find it plausible though - yesterday being Tax Day and all. And we all know how these extremists feel about taxes.

Indeed, anyone who waited till the last minute to file their taxes might have been a little surprised to find out that they could afford to pay a little bit more this year. It’s beginning to look like Big Guy might have had his fingers crossed when he said if you make less than $250,000 you absolutely positively -- cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die -- “wouldn’t see any form of tax increase.”


So when the low information morons voters still lucky enough to have a job finally got around to calculating how much more of their “weight” they’d have to “pull” in order to “pay their fair share” they were a bit (unpleasantly) surprised.

Let’s check in with Skyler and Cody - you remember them don’t you? Our favorite progressive YU-Os (Young Urban Obots) living in a loft over a Starbucks somewhere in Seattle? Tax Day sure didn’t go as they’d expected.

It’s April 15, and they’ve just returned from H & R Block where they discovered they can’t actually keep their old effective tax rate...or can they???…

Don’t worry, Skyler and Cody aren’t suspects. They would never be capable of assembling a bomb – I mean, hey - they voted for Big Guy! You’ve got to be at least as smart as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to build bombs.

ayers-and-dohrnHome grown terrorists; smart enough to live the American Dream they tried to implode

Butt now that they’ve seen what their new fair share is, and Cody’s been sequestered out of a job, they might just make good recruits for the Tea Party Extremists.

In the meantime, Cody will be downstairs, trying to get his old barista job back even though his drink preference may be evolving.

tea party seedEvolving: from Cody to “Rich” and back again

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