Thursday, April 18, 2013

Elvis Has Left the Building

“April is the cruellest month…” UPDATED

Thus began T.S. Eliot’s opus, Wasteland. I’m neither a fan of Eliot nor his poem butt credit where credit is due, he nailed it: bombs, poison, explosions.

As of right now, we still don’t know who bombed the Boston Marathon (although we think we know which backpack mules we’re looking for).

Screenshot Studio capture #830

Do you know these Chechnyan Tea Party members?

Nor do we know exactly what caused the explosion at the West Texas fertilizer plant.

So I’m moving on to discuss the only crime that we know enough about to discuss in detail: the letter sender who mailed ricin laced documents to Big Guy and Senator Wicker.

It turns out he forgot to stamp them “Return to Sender”

That’s right: police have arrested Paul Kevin Curtis, aka “KC” (not of the Sunshine Band, butt boy! How great would that have been!??)

kc and the sunshine band“We have our perp: the white guy in the middle.”

Though not a member of the band, this KC is, instead, a member of the international brotherhood of flying Elvi:

flying elvi

You might recall this group from Honeymoon in Las Vegas, the hit 90’s movie staring Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker - both FOO (Friends of Obama) Fighters:


An interesting aside: did you know that Al Gore was also an Elvis impersonator:

al goreelvis5

No wait, I think that guy’s actually an Al Gore impersonator:

al-gore-prayThe guy on the left I mean

I just don’t know; the whole world is so crazy it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t anymore.

Which brings me to this special report from Little MO that I pass on to you:

the molsterman report copy

Here’s the latest intel, just under the transom: remember our Saudi non-suspect student injured and in the hospital? Abdul Rahman Ali Alhabri; the devout Muslim, soccer fan and really nice boy from the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, the same one that Secretary of State John Kerry and Big Guy  managed agreed ordered to have deported on grounds of “national security interests.” Indeed. Here’s what my intel is telling me: this Saudi “student” is actually the ring leader of the pressure cooker bomb squad sleeper cell.

Abdul negotiated with the FBI and HS to “rat out” his accomplices in return for safe passage out of the country. John Kerry and Big Guy himself met with Saudi ministers to make the arrangements, in exchange for the names and whereabouts of the accomplices. Abdul managed to drag out his “cooperation” long enough to ensure that his accomplices could “disappear.”

This was the source of the confusion yesterday about leaked reports that an arrest was imminent and/or a suspect was in custody. Abdul, while technically “not a suspect” was still under watch in the hospital (awaiting deportation), so he was technically “in custody.” Agents expected to nab his buddies as soon as Abdul spilled the beans. Butt when he did, they had, as we say in the business, already “left the building.” And we haven’t been able to locate them since.

Another nice piece of foreign negotiations by our crack team of experts.

News Flash: latest information just coming in under the transom: Big Guy may be putting the brakes on the deportation after all. Fears are trickling in that this might serve as a reason for impeachment so legitimate that even some of the most loyal minions may have to bow to it. (H/T Radio Patriot)


At this point, let’s just say that Elvis has left the building.

elviHaving packed their bags, the Flying Elvi exit the premises

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