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White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Waxing or Waning?

Tonight is the much anticipated White House Correspondents' Dinner. I guess something like “Washington fatigue” has set in this year, as we won’t be seeing the usual number of our Hollywood glitterati in attendance.


Butt do you know who won’t be missed? The winner of this year’s People’s Magazine most beautiful woman in the world award. No, it wasn’t Lady M…I know, I was surprised too!  It was Gwyneth Paltrow! I guess the selection committee decided they couldn’t pick Lady M every year, although they obviously used the same criteria:

Fashion forward:

      raising malawi 060208mo-big-bo_thumb6

They both know how to make the best of their derrière:

         66800_576395505725911_766258933_nmo butt

Both are big fans of cotton ball fashion:

            cotton ball bressmo's inaugural

And both have fabulously toned arms:


I said ARMS!

            michelle obama jonathan saunders facegwyneth paltrow 3 301012

And, like Lady M, Gwyneth is not really comfortable with capitalism. Despite participating in it in a very big way.

"I love the English way, which is not as capitalistic as it is in America. People don't talk about work and money; they talk about interesting things at dinner parties."

…like the value of travelling first class:

"When you go to Paris and your concierge sends you to some restaurant because they get a kickback, it's like, 'No. Where should I really be? Where is the great bar with organic wine? Where do I get a bikini wax in Paris?'"

gwyenth commandoIt looks like Gwyneth found a good place to get a full Brazilian before showing up commando for the Iron Man 3 premier last week.

She’s also liberal and open minded on social issues:

"I know people that I respect and admire and look up to who have had extra-marital affairs."

bo bill tell me what you really think

And shares some of Lady M’s dining preferences:

"I basically love anything that comes in a hot dog bun... except hot dogs.”

bo weiner dog copy

SONY DSC                     For example, lobster’s good on a bun…especially with a side of caviar

And like Mo she’s a big proponent of making kids eat healthy food:

"I would rather die than let my kid eat Cup-a-Soup."

yummo turkey tacos moKale Tacos, ummm, ummm, ummm! Aren’t these yummy kids!

Gwyneth, too, loves organic gardening…

"When I pass a flowering zucchini plant in a garden, my heart skips a beat."

mo the crouchYikes! Mine does too!

Butt Gwyneth does understand the real purpose of gardening:

"We've got a wood-burning pizza oven in the garden -- a luxury, I know, but it's one of the best investments I've ever made."


Nor does Ms. Paltrow hold back when she believes other people are doing things for the wrong reasons (i.e., purely capitalist).

"Even actresses that you really admire, like Reese Witherspoon, you think, 'Another romantic comedy?' You see her in something like Walk the Line and think, 'God, you're so great!' And then you think, 'Why is she doing these stupid romantic comedies?' But of course, it's for money and status."

Who would do something like that? Do something just for the money and status I mean? Everyone in Washington knows that it’s all about the power…and the money and status that comes with it.

bo val

If you don’t believe me, be sure to tune in to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight. A more incestuous gathering of rich, power-mongering status seekers you’d be hard pressed to come by.

The only question: what designer, and what color(s) will Lady M wear this year?


Lady M at the WCD, 2009, 10,11 and 12


And will she find a place to get a good Brazilian, so she can go commando too?

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