Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Hole in WON?

I’m just trying to fill some time here while waiting for the Benghzi hearings to start tomorrow. So I thought I’d fill you in on a few things that are going on around here.

For starters, let’s talk golf, shall we?

whats that sticking up his...After losing the golf match, Big Guy returns with his tail between his legs...I may be missing something, butt how does a “guy” do that?

After Big Guy went out of his way to reach across the aisle to the three Republicans with the lowest handicap in the Senate and offers them a chance to play golf with him, how do they thank him? By making him out to be a loser; and not just that, butt they had to rub his nose in it:

Chambliss, who was paired with (Senator Robert) Corker, shot a hole-in-one on the eleventh. The Chambliss-Corker pairing won the match, according to the White House.

168163049Senator Corker and Big Guy graciously acknowledge Saxby’s hole-in-one 

Just like a Republican. Take every chance you get to showcase Big Guy’s inadequacies.

And on the Lady M radar: She’ll be signing copies of her big Midnight in the Organic Garden of Good and Evil book later this morning:

Ahead of the one-year anniversary of the publication of her first book, First Lady Michelle Obama will autograph copies of American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America at Washington, DC's independent Politics & Prose Bookstore on Tuesday, May 7, at 11:15 AM. The White House announced the event today, and Mrs. Obama will spend about an hour and a half at Politics & Prose.

And the Organic Garden is absolutely awesome this year! I understand we’ve already taken our first historic pea:

Screenshot Studio capture #1070

I know what you’re thinking: you heard that Big White private Chef Sam Kass was furloughed due to the Republican sequester. He was, butt just for a day (we were going out to dinner anyway), so we could announce that we were sharing your pain by giving up our private chef too. Butt now Sammy’s back on all 3 payrolls: chief organic garden monitor, No Child’s Fat Behind coordinator, and private Big White super chef.

Well, that’s all I have time for today. I’m going to be busy reinforcing Lady M’s book signing frock, as well as the one she’ll be wearing after the Senate hearings designed to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that

…the U. S. Department of State participated in the cover-up of an Islamist terror attack on the brink of a U. S. presidential election, implying the murders of our fellow citizens were inspired by an execrable video that nobody saw.

Thus proving, also beyond all reasonable doubt, that America really did elect A-Hole in Won last November.

bo smugjpg

No wonder Chrissy Matthews’ is still hearing those racist dog whistles. There isn’t going to be much of anything else he’s going to want to hear for the next few weeks.

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