Wednesday, May 8, 2013

“Submit to my will. Resistance is futile.”

Have you heard about the newest Big White gimmick information-sharing tool? (h/t Gerard). In the “Social Media ‘R Us” world of presidential politics there isn’t a single techno-media trendoid we haven’t embraced now.

Still, I’m not sure this one is really projecting the proper message:


I’m a little concerned with the definition of the root word, from “tum-ble” - verb (used without object) [ it always is around here] 

  1. to fall helplessly down, end over end, as by losing one's footing, support, or equilibrium; plunge headlong: to tumble down the stairs.
  2. to roll end over end, as in falling: The stones tumbled down the hill.
  3. to fall or decline rapidly; drop: Prices on the stock market tumbled today.
  4. to perform gymnastic feats of skill and agility, as leaps or somersaults.
  5. to fall suddenly from a position of power or authority; suffer overthrow: As one dictator tumbles, another is rising to take his place.

Yikes! Those don’t sound like useful allusions to me. Butt what do I know about effective propaganda? Here’s what our really Big Brains have to say about our new tool:

“We see some great things here at the White House every day, and sharing that stuff with you is one of the best parts of our jobs.”

mo booksigning32Like candid pictures of Lady M signing copies of her Midnight in the Organic Garden of Good and Evil book

“That’s why we’re launching a Tumblr. We’ll post things like the best quotes from President Obama, or video of young scientists visiting the White House for the science fair, or photos of adorable moments with Bo.”

big and little bo

“We’ve got some wonky charts, too. Because to us, those are  actually kind of exciting.” [i.e. great propaganda tools]

“But this is also about you.[No. It’s really never about you] President Obama is committed to making this the most open and accessible administration in history, and our Tumblr is no exception.” [True; about Tumblr being no exception. See Benghazi for demonstration of this open and accessible “transparency”]

“We want to see what you have to share: Questions you have for the White House, stories of what a policy like immigration reform means to you, or ways we can improve our Tumbling." [You seem to be doing quite well on your own as of late] We’re new here, and we’re all ears.” [Ha! That’s a good WON guys!]

glen and bo ears

Butt here’s my favorite part:

“o give us a follow, send a post our way using the submission tool, and stick around to see some things you won’t want to miss.”

As you might imagine, the MSM lapdogs have been trampling all over each other to be the first to submit to Barackus of Borg.

dogs bowingMSM lapdogs practicing their submission

Now, on to some hard news: The Hill just reported that there was a celebrity studded super-secret Inaugural after party back in January – as if this was news. Even though People Magazine covered it back when…well, when it actually took place.

I don’t know what the big deal is anyway, it’s not as if this was our first after-party; and it definitely won’t be our last. Butt the interesting part is that The Hill suddenly found this news worthy. In a media variation of the “history begins the day you were born” mindset of the young, it seems that since no one on The Hill’s  staff saw or heard about it at the time, it didn’t become news until they decided to cover it. In a timely fashion. Sort of like Benghazi.

FNC where were abc nbc cbs cnnAd_9_18

Since the lapdogs were so busy ensuring covering Big Guy’s re-election, they just didn’t notice this little story about terrorism at the consulate and CIA compound.

Even now, with the Benghazi whistleblowers schedule to testify today at Congressional hearings, we won’t know whether it will be deemed to be real news until it is posted on the Big White Tumblr, thereby freeing up the lapdogs to report on it.

bulldog puppies bowing

Submit now! Submit now!

BarackusofBorgOnce You Submit, Resistance is Futile

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