Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Press Drones On

Question: When does a Drudge story become a scandal?

Answer: When the MSM says so.

Question: When does the MSM say so?

Answer: 1) When it involves Republicans; and 2) When it’s about them.

Maybe the next time I try to explain to our lapdogs exactly how that slippery slope thing works they will pay attention. They didn’t much mind confining other people’s freedom of speech. Butt now, it’s about them.


twittercensored-375x192No, you shut up!

How else to explain the Media’s sudden interest in the Federal Government’s abuse of power? They weren’t the least bit captivated by Fast and Furious (Gun running to Mexican cartels? No story there), Pigford (Massive fraud at USDA? Pass, story’s got no legs), Extortion 17 (Suspicious downing of helicopter filled with Navy Seals? Lunatic rightwing conspiracy theorists!) or Benghazi (Another case of bad, no good, customer service; now go away.)

Still, the IRS snafu (Illegal targeting of conservatives? Oh oh, that’s really not good is it?) gave them pause.  And then, the AP story broke (phone/wire taps at AP headquarters? – wait a minute! You spied on the Press! I might have to report this!).

And now: James Rosen being investigated as a “co-conspirator” – for the crime of reporting a crime? James Rosen, a Fox News reporter? A reporter?!? I don’t care where he works!

Okay cowboy, now you’ve gone too far.

No, not you, cowboy -


You, there, in the black hat (is that racist? Maybe I should check with Eric Holder):


Seriously, you know you’ve stepped into the deep manure when Brit Hume, Occupy Wall Street and everyone in between is on the same page.


Screenshot Studio capture #1095


Screenshot Studio capture #1099

Screenshot Studio capture #1096Screenshot Studio capture #1097Screenshot Studio capture #1100Screenshot Studio capture #1101Screenshot Studio capture #1102(normally that means it’s up to the Press to argue it for him)

And here’s my all time personal favorite, from a man who has abused the power of the free press more than anyone I can think of:

Screenshot Studio capture #1105

Apparently this is now officially shameful.


I overheard Ricky and Big Guy talking it over yesterday. Ricky said “How are we going to get out of this mess, BO?”  Big Guy said “What do you mean ‘we’ black man?”

obama-cowboyThe Drone Ranger

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