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Rome may be burning…

BenghaziGate“Up on the Roof”

Nero may be fiddling…

090121-obama-blackberry-vmed-4p“The Awful Truth”

and diddling…

Screenshot Studio capture #1108“Sweet Adonis”

Whoops! Sorry, that last one’s actually New York’s latest mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner; welcome back codder!

Butt back to my story: While Rome burns, and Nero rests up for the next party:

obama sleeps"So Far Away”

The rest of the staff scrambles around to put out all those pesky little grease fires that keep  popping up now that the election is over:

irs logo organizing for america“Chains” – IRS targets

Screenshot Studio capture #1107“Read Between the Lines” - AP/Fox News

pigs-copy“One Small Voice” - (Breitbart vindicated)

sebelius2“It’s too late” – Obamacare on our heels

Well, I think you get the gist of the plotline. The show will be replayed in its entirety on Memorial Day on PBS: don’t miss it. Live, on tape, you’ll see James Taylor, Gloria Estefan, Billy Joel, Jesse McCartney, Emeli Sande, Trisha Yearwood, along with Carole King herself – it will be like you were right there, at the huge party!


Carole was the historic first female winner of the distinguished Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. And here’s why:  (h/t Keith Koffler)

Oh, and you’ll also get to see our very own “Natural Woman,” Lady M, “rock(ing) a polished little black dress, with her face-framing bangs back in full force.” Tell me that won’t just cap off your holiday weekend. Gosh! I wonder which one of her slimming little black dresses she wore!?


Inquiring minds want to know – more than they want to know what happened with the Mexican gun runners, the “spontaneous demonstration” in Benghazi, the IRS scrutiny of Tea Party groups, the wiretapping of the press, or the Pigford payoffs.

I’m going with a retread of our 4-ply “Where the Rubber Meets the Load” frock from 2010.

chci awards galaOur “Natural Woman” demonstrates how to “Carry Your Load”

What do you think?

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