Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here’s Where the Rubber Meets the Load

Big, big celebration last night at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s (CHIC) gala. Bigger than usual even, as they’re celebrating the 200th anniversary of the “independence of many Central and South American countries.”

More on that later, let’s get right to the important stuff: for the celebration, Lady M choose something from the Lady Gaga “Rubber meets the Road” collection.

rhumba Where the rubber meets the load

Have you spotted the newest fashion trend promoted here by MO? I mean in addition to rubber-wear? It’s this season’s hottest: leave the bling behind – just go with your own fabulosity! No brooches, no bangles, no diamonds, just Goodrich’s latest iridescent rubber and Lady M’s fab-u-lous hot bod.

Earrings were MO’s only adornment, and they were miniature replicas of manhole covers from Mexico City.

Big Guy was there too, of course: airkisses Air kisses! Wait a minute, is that a turkey neck on Big Guy?!

Let’s compare to last year’s requisite air kiss: 

airkisses09-ltn uh huh, someone’s losing a little weight, and someone’s... never mind


latin world  chic2

hispanic night    chci awards gala

If you don’t look closely, you’d never know that MO spent thousands of dollars for a new frock, dark sparkly rubber seems to be a traditional choice for this event. Not to mention what’s been invested in liposuction and super-commercial grade spandex. But hey, let’s just focus on her guns: are they loaded  this year, or what?

loaded guns

But back to the reason for all the celebration: according to CHIC’s website, “Celebrating History, Heritage, and the American Dream, commemorates the 200th anniversary of independence for many Central and South American countries and the 400th anniversary of the founding of Santa Fe in 1610.” Allow me to translate: Mexican Independence Day.  I’m not sure why we’re celebrating that, other than we have more and more of their citizens living here every year. But you’ll see from the linky above that teachers feel it’s important enough to dedicate 4-5 lessons on it. I wonder how many lesson plans they dedicate to American Independence Day?

Hey! Here’s an idea: maybe we can make it a national holiday! The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has been jealous of the Black Congressional Caucus for years now. Maybe if we give them their own holiday too, everyone can make nice and just get along. The way things are going with that Tea Party Uprising, we are going to need all of our hands on deck.