Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashions that Say “Yes, We Still Can”

I know everyone is anxious to find out when Lady M is going to be hitting the campaign trail, and who she’ll be stumping for. But first things first: we’re working on our wardrobe. Because - as you all know better than anyone - looking good is job number one around here.

We’ve got a consultation set up with Lady Gaga later this week. She is a lady who shares our penchant for multiple costume changes at each venue. Take last night’s MTV Video Music Awards:

gal_gaga_awards3 Lady Gaga’s multiple-personalities at the VMA’s

From left to right, the black rubber dress that we might consider for our “where the rubber meets the road” campaign stops in Michigan; our red meat dress, that we’ll reserve for those venues where we need to throw a little at the base, and our Alexander McQueen original that we’ll save for – where else? – San Francisco.

So we’re resting up today ahead of announcing our new Fall schedule and a busy social schedule: both the Hispanic Congressional Caucus Party  AND the Black Congressional Caucus annual gala are coming up this week. You remember how much fun we had last year, don’t you? Boy, those were the good old days.

latin worldSequins, sparkles and diamonds at Hispanic Caucus night

…not to be confused with Latina Music night:


 bc dinner09  Feathers, lace and diamonds for Black Caucus night

…not to be confused with Music from the Civil Rights Movement Night:

civil rights Obama-music-performance

After partying this week, we’re going to have to get our keister out there to help save our Red State Dems’ keisters. Especially since Big Guy is pretty much refusing to come out from under the porch ever since the mean old Republicans started talking to him like a dog. It’s up to Lady M now.

And I assure you, she will be oiled, buffed, shined and sharpened before being unleashed to win the hearts and minds of the little people. She’ll do this by reminding them that if they’re not with us, they’re probably racists.

And since Lady M ended racism in Spain, I’m confident she can do it here too.