Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Imitates Art

Venue: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Conference in Washington.

Message: Let’s Move those fat kids’ behinds!

Couture: So, so close.


It even gave us some wiggle room for a change, without looking like it would burst:


Aproximately 4 inches longer, to cover the knee cap, a dark bronze  shoe and we would have had a winner that required very little trans-imaging.

But those shoes! It’s going to be the blue-green Jimmy Choo’s all over again.

It’s not only the  unlikely-to-occur-in-nature shade of the blue shoes –it's the fact that somehow MO thinks they  go with anything. Look close:

blue shoesThere they were, last week too.

blue shoes

Lady M continues to believe that black goes with everything. I’ve explained color theory to her till I’m – a figure of speech – blue in the face. She just doesn’t seem to get the whole concept that “from a distance, the eye blends bright colors placed next to each other, but not colors that are isolated” thing. therefore, Bright blue dots on dark brown background – do not look bright blue to the eye. They look more like - navy blue. Navy blue, got it? Pair this look with play-dough blue shoes and they will “pop.” Not in a good way.

Just like blue-green shoes, combined with a yellow-green outfit, will “pop.”

michelle_obama_shoes_jimmychooThis outfit is yellow–green -YELLOW! GREEN! Blue-green does not go with YELLOW! GREEN!


Any more than BLUE-GREEN  goes with this red, white and purple-blue dress. I don’t care if they are Jimmy Choo’s.

Obama Awards Medal Honor Posthumously Soldier XYBKEuQ0oChl

Butt then, there were so many other issues with this dress we wore to the posthumous medal of honor ceremony that the shoe choice is really just nit picking.

I have considered the fact that we’re possibly dealing with color blindness: that Lady M cannot honestly tell the difference between  blue and green:

teal blue with green teal Teal blue dress, accented with teal green shoes.

Butt I don’t think that’s it. I’m fairly certain that the least of Lady M’s problems is color blindness.

Today’s art in real life lesson:

claude_monet_screensaver_250_paintings_26081 Monet's Garden

Monet’s painting: allows the eye to use it’s natural ability to color-blend bright colors into a pleasant picture of subtle colors.

Compare and contrast to Robert Motherwell’s painting:

motherwell Red 8-11 Red 8-11

Where the whole point is to have the eye isolate the color and form. Just a little something you learn in community organizing school.

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."  Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, #12

Sigh. Tune in later. Tonight we get another shot at the whole hot Latina theme at the Hispanic Congressional Caucus’ annual soiree. I’m hoping to catch a siesta before hand.