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Buyer’s Remorse, or “Lie to Me Some More”

Before getting into the topic for today, a few observations captured on MOTUS’ hard drive during our Tanzania vacation:

Malia seems to have inherited mom’s hair:

Screenshot Studio capture #1198

Sasha, mom’s feet:

Screenshot Studio capture #1197

And the local dancers, musicians and flag bearers, well, they appear to have Big Guy’s butt:

Screenshot Studio capture #1200


tanzania boogeyHey! Does this ass make my butt look big?

Meanwhile, as we continue to enjoy our African sojourn, the sand and the seasons seem to be shifting quickly in northern Africa. The Arab Spring is definitely over, and we are well into the the Arab Summer - where it’s hot, and getting HOTTER! Lets hope that by banning coal in America Big Guy can get that global warming thing under control pretty soon. Because Cairo’s turning into one hot potato and BHO’s already indicated he’s not the least bit interested in handling this one since his last intervention there didn’t work out so well.  

egypt sign instapundit

Egyptians took to the streets on Sunday for nationwide protests against President Mohammed Morsi, presenting a massive popular opposition that rivaled the size of demonstrations that toppled President Hosni Mubarak more than two years ago.

Sounds like a severe case of buyer’s remorse to me. You know how that goes; you see something new and sparkly in the store, the salesman puts on the full court press, regaling you with everything it can do for you and of course you just have to have it. So you buy it on credit and take it home. Then, when you have to live with it you start to see all the flaws and imperfections under the bling that you might have noticed in the store if the salesman hadn’t been so slick, the lights so dim and the deal closed before you actually took the time to check it out for yourself. Your bad! And now you’re stuck because you overlooked the part about there being no returns or exchanges.

Anyway, that’s sort of how it’s turned out between the Egyptians and Morsi. He looked real  good when everyone voted for him. Sure, everyone knew he was a proud member of the Muslim Brotherhood, butt the Brotherhood promised they wouldn’t allow a dictator to rule, and they promised they wouldn’t incorporate sharia law into the constitution. In fact, they promised they wouldn’t even run one of their members for president. So they lied, big deal; everybody lies in politics. So the Egyptians pretty much have no one except themselves to blame. They got taken by a slick-talking used car salesman.

And they should’ve known better. If only they’d done a little bit of homework; it’s not as if Morsi didn’t tell them who he really was. They were just so anxious for change they failed to research the change they were voting for and ended up buying something they really didn’t want after all.  I mean really; the Muslim Brotherhood? Hello! What part of “Muslim-Brotherhood” did they not understand?

“You all know that our main and overall mission as Muslim Brothers is to empower God’s religion on earth, to organize our life and the lives of the people on the basis of Islam, to establish the Nahda [i.e., the Renaissance] of the ummah [i.e., the notional global Muslim nation] and its civilization on the basis of Islam, and to subjugate people to God on earth.”

morsiWould you trust your children with this man?

I guess maybe we should give the Egyptians a pass. That don’t have as much experience with democracy as we do, so it’s not surprising they got snookered like that.

In effect, Morsi has used the West’s democracy fetish to put a gun to his population’s head: Either democratically approve anti-democratic sharia or accept the sharia-compliant rule of your democratically elected Islamist despot. Some choice. (snip)

bo smugshotsI won. Executive Orders to follow.”


Of course, in a place like Egypt, with its population of 80 million people, a decided minority can easily be masqueraded as the majority. The West’s progressive media is good at that — ignoring tea-party throngs while lavishing coverage on five-person Occupy protests as if they were a groundswell. But, you see, the hocus-pocus works here only because we’ve ceded all the leading institutions of opinion to progressives for a half-century. Conditioned to see what they’ve been told to believe, half of our population no longer sees through the smoke and mirrors.

I seriously recommend you read Mr. McCarthy’s entire article, as it explains everything.

The Brothers are no fools. They realized that rapidly held elections would favor them, and if they won big, they’d have a hammerlock on the constituent assembly that would write the constitution.(snip)

The Brothers being the Brothers, they lied at each stage of the game. In the amendments referendum, they lied about their commitment to societal “consensus”; upon winning, they elbowed the democrats aside and infused the draft constitution with sharia principles. When they got their quick elections, they lied about how many seats they would seek in parliament, again to assuage those worried about Islamist control of the government. In going back on that commitment, they promised that they would not field a candidate for president.But once overwhelming control of parliament was secured, they reneged on that promise, too — announcing the candidacy of their charismatic leader, Khairat al-Shater.(snip)

Morsi accidentally happened into notoriety because he is a true believer and a faithful Shater servant. In fact, before Shater was excluded from presidential contention, Morsi was a constant presence at his side, introduced at rallies as an “architect” of Shater’s “Renaissance” plan. His principal task as president has been to get a new sharia constitution across the finish line.

Not that we have anything to worry about. Nothing like that could ever happen here.

Screenshot Studio capture #1202Nope, not here.

An ideologue, lying to the populace in order to get elected under the veil of democracy, taking his cues from a puppet-master behind the scenes, continuing his lies at every turn in order to impose his diabolical plan on the society they were elected to lead; all while enjoying the full strength and support of the media class?

664px-Jurvetson_-_Barack_Obama_on_the_Primary_(by)_7“What part of “I won” do you not understand?”

Yeah, no. That could never happen here. So if you begin to experience pangs of buyers remorse from time to time,

010913-national-second-time-with-obama-not-as-thrilling-as-beforeWashington D.C., Obama Inauguration, 2013

try to remember that BHO never actually lied to you. After all, he DID tell us that he planned to “fundamentally transform America.” If you chose not to understand what he meant, well, like I said, “your bad.”

Ditto the Egyptians; the Muslim Brotherhood told them they were going to fundamentally transform Egypt.

cairo egypt 6-13Cairo, Egypt June, 2013; anti-Morsi demonstrations.

If they chose not to believe them, well, their bad.

Lie-to-Me-Title-Wallpaper-lie-to-me-4926564-1600-1200What part of “fundamentally transform” do you people not understand?

To continue this lie call 1-800-LIE-TO-ME.

For intervention, call 1-800-TEA-PARTY.

More on our Tanzanian vacation tomorrow.

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