Saturday, July 6, 2013

No Beards!?! What Difference, at This Point, Does it Make?

Egypt. Just remember: we were for them before we were against them. And although it’s confusing, I think we’re for them again. If by “for” you mean non-committal and by “them” you mean who ever is in charge.

For the record, as of right now it would seem the military is in charge. And as you know we Red heartthe military.

So, after days of noodling on it:


with all of the big brains who weren’t sailing on their ginormous yacht previously indisposed over the busy holiday week,

bo sit room egypt 7-3-13“Do you guys think we should call Hillary? She’s experienced with handling crap.”

Big Guy has reached this Solomon-esque decision: he has called for an “inclusive” political process in Egypt with a role for the Muslim Brotherhood.

And no wonder; the new military leaders are issuing executive orders that seem as tyrannical as the executive orders issued by the Muslim Brotherhood regime before them.

article-2354953-1AA2A68C000005DC-600_470x630no more beards tweet

For example, it appears that they are about to implement a “no beards’ rule. Apparently the military is no more accepting of LGBT and Q than the Brothers-of-another mother were.

Anyway, this leaves Big Guy in quite a pickle: support the Brothers - who he was for, before he was against;  or support the Military, who he was against before he was for?

And if anybody insists on calling the Egyptian mess a “coup” that could put a real fly in the ointment:

A minor snag in federal law: If this is indeed a “military coup,” then the U.S. government is required to suspend aid. I wonder what sort of Orwellian parsing Obama and the State Department will use to decide that no, technically, this is not a coup after all.

Butt since BO’s good at “Orwellian parsing” that part’s not causing him any concern at this point. It’s the “No Beards” rule he’s worried about.

NO BEARDS-2 copy


Screenshot Studio capture #1207“No beards” and the whole thing falls apart.

He doesn’t want to resolve a big international problem only to find he’s created an even bigger domestic problem for himself.

So all hands on deck! Yes, I’m talking about Jean Carré; who - it appears - wasn’t on deck before he was on deck.

Egypt is clearly shaping up as a good job for a swabbie. So grab one of those mops, Jean, it’s your turn to clean up the mess.

article-1016895-0106649100000578-783_468x492 No, you moron! That’s Floppsie!

And since this is a very fluid situation – and you know we value your input - if you have any suggestions on how we can handle this sticky wicket, please tweet us at #Golf, #Yachts or #Whatdifferencedoesitmake.

colored mop Better get swabbing; we’ve got a lot of mess to mop up.

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