Friday, July 5, 2013

Grab a Mop: We’ve Created Quite a Mess Here

The sequester cutbacks forced us to close the Big White to tours for school kids and people from flyover states. Butt thankfully we found enough money in the budget to host our annual Fourth of July party, concert and fireworks display in honor of Wee Won One’s 15th birthday party.

slide_306857_2658800_freefourth(aka “Independence Day” in flyover)

In order to avoid partisan criticism, we had to invite 1200 members of the military and their families to celebrate America’s 237th birthday along with WWO’s 15th.

Fortunately we have now perfected the art of doing our photo ops in 10 minutes or less: 


You can see how we’ve mastered this all important task as we reflect back over our previous  historic 4th of July celebrations:

4th mo 092009: Our first Independence Day, just ahead of our first historic world tour.

4th mo 102010: The Apron’s Red Glare

4th mo 112011 “Seals, Sheets and Suds”

Screenshot Studio capture #12032012 “We’re All Terrorist’s Now”

And now, this year, coming off our latest historic world tour; the Wons never disappoint.

Screenshot Studio capture #1204

Since Big Guy won his second historic term, he finally stopped wearing his lucky blue shirt/khaki pants combo and broke out a shirt in a much gayer shade. There’s still no explaining Lady M’s taste in frocks.

Well, that’s all I have time for today as the sequester cuts also eliminated our Big Party cleanup budget. Big Guy said I had to grab a mop and clean up this mess, so I’ll be busy for the rest of the day.

colored mop Official White House issued rainbow mops: grab one

I’m going to keep a low profile though because I don’t want to be assigned to cleaning up in Tahrir Square too. That’s going to be a real mess; and frankly I think Big Guy, Val Jar and the rest of the “team of big brains” who made it should be responsible for that. And maybe Secretary of State, Jean Carré, when he’s finally done playing on his yacht off the coast of Nantucket,

070413KerryRH004A yacht so big even his tender has a tender

and finally decides to report for duty.


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