Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Profiling the Prince


baby htc78t_1New Heir to the Throne

Have you seen the list of names for the new Prince of Wales? George, James, Edward, Philip? Pretty boring. Come now Limeys - You can do better than that!

Maybe the royals can consult with one of Hollywood’s name consultants; they’re much more creative, having assisted our own royalty with the likes of “Apple” “Blue Ivy” and “North.” For example, original unisex names still available as far as I know: “Robin’s Egg Blue,” “Poison Ivy” and “North-by-Northwest.” Likewise, I believe “Hashtag” has already been taken, butt “Hashtag@RoyalBaby” is still available.

Butt we will focus our poll on the top most likely contenders for the new prince’s name. Cast your vote, and don’t forget: Chicago rules apply.

And as soon as the official name is in, the royal photographer will step in to take pictures and capture the new prince’s aura.  That’s right: photographer Carlo Van de Roer doesn't just capture a person when he takes their photograph, he captures the color of their soul!

auraWhat color is your soul?

I have no doubt that the new baby’s aura will be beautiful, as are those of all innocents. Probably yellow, which Van de Roer says represents optimism, youth and dreaming.


Lady M immediately commissioned the photographer to capture her and BO’s souls on film too. Butt things didn’t work out so well; the proofs were really not acceptable and the last I heard Van de Roer had been placed on TSA’s “no-fly” list.

I’m sure it was just some sort of a mixup. Or a malfunctioning of the camera aura-capturer. Or something.

Anyway, here are the pictures he captured of the Wons’ souls. MO, on the left, BO on the right:


I leave it to you to decide if the photographer is a racist.

And because we so seldom get such a feel good story (the birth of the baby prince, not the Wons’ black souls), let’s milk it a little more with some more cute baby pictures:

Screenshot Studio capture #1253Ferrets, grizzly, polar cub and the love that dare not speak its name.

Screenshot Studio capture #1254Baby otter and panda cub.

Screenshot Studio capture #1252(UpNorthLurkin’s newest family member, Casey)


You’re welcome. Now don’t forget to vote for your favorite name for the baby formerly known as Prince.

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