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Our New Political Class: Money Talks and BS Squawks

Everything is going swimmingly here on Walled-in Pond. Now that our case goods have arrived (a week without Cheetos is like a vacation without sunshine) the home seems to be stocked with most of the necessary amenities.

There was a brief bit of drama over the artwork in the living pavilion. Certain people in the  vacation party felt it was a bit too stark, what with all those black and white pictures of…white people hanging on the walls.

schulte chilmark house pictures on the wall

So we had our interior decorator ‘copter in on one of the Ospreys with Little Bo to spruce things up with a bit of color for the rest of our stay. Now everyone seems much more comfortable:

house of hope copy

And now I’d like to continue our discussion from yesterday on the transformation of politicians over the years. We’ve already discussed how elected officials have migrated from being public “servants” to rock stars. This CHANGE, by definition, pivoted these “servants” away from Martin Luther King’s concept of being the drum major for “justice,” “peace” and “righteousness” to their present myopic focus on “all of the other shallow things.”

That pivot point marks the spot where a profession once considered an altruistic calling to public servitude morphed into our current political class of imperial aristocrats who think they’re doing you a favor. Like Hollywood stars, they give lip service to doing it all for their fans; butt everyone knows that’s just horse feathers, trotted out exclusively for elections and the Oscars.

pho55oAnd the Oscar for best actor goes to…

In keeping with their new star status, politicians compensation needs have been kicked up a notch too. Here are a couple of examples of how today’s pols manage to accumulate multi-millionaire portfolios while effortlessly carrying out the responsibilities of their day jobs.

Let’s start with the senior statesmen: the Clintons. The old horn dog himself has managed to amass a fortune just by flapping his jibs for around $250,000 a gig ever since he left the permanent stains on the oval office. Wow! Imagine how much money BO can make with his silver tongue if he ever decides to leave! With TOTUS by his side, the sky is the limit.

And not to disparage the little lady: our recently-departed-butt-not-really-gone Secretary of State. Hills has just launched her “talking tour” to restore faith in government. It’s like the “listening tour” she launched in New York when she decided to become their Senator, only now you have to listen to her, and she’s charging $200,000 for every speech on the tour. If that doesn’t “restore your faith” in our betters, I don’t know what will.

hill-humaWho is that rock star presidential candidate behind the Foster Grants?

(Her) speech today was clearly a launching point for a 2016 campaign. She put heavy emphasis on bashing voter ID laws suggesting that they were “often [passed] under the cover of addressing the phantom epidemic of ‘voter fraud.’” [ed. sort of like the phantom “vast right wing conspiracy” she fingered for hounded her hound dog husband during his administration] Such laws have been a bugaboo of the Obama administration, which has sought to portray them as racist in an attempt to stir outrage against Republicans.

This is slightly OT, butt I thought you might be interested; finally, a tutorial on how you too can make $100,000 in cattle futures! It turns out you don’t have to be the smartest woman in the world after all. Hint - the operational term here is “money laundering.”

And we also have some up and comers who’ve figured out how to work this gig. Corey Booker has mastered advanced skills well beyond his rookie status.

That blatant cronyism has given public servant Booker an asset called Waywire, which is supposedly worth between $1 million and $5 million, and which he forgot to disclose in his campaign filings until recently (it’s unclear if the disclosure came because of an impending NYT story or if the NYT story came because of the disclosure). Booker also took months to respond to Star-Ledger requests earlier this year regarding how much money he’s made giving speeches. That turned out to be $1.3 million, half of which he has given to local charities.

And this, just in:

Booker, the front-runner in New Jersey’s Senate race, received five checks from the Trenk DiPasquale law firm from 2007 until 2011. During that time, the firm raked in more than $2 million in fees from local agencies over which Booker has influence.

He is a quick study, I predict a big future in the new politics for him. There are, of course, many other examples, butt let’s cut to the chase: what’s the impact of this new kind of politician?

Well if you’re very good at it, like Big Guy is, you can use your newfound imperial powers to determine which existing laws to enforce,


Which parts of the Constitution to uphold,

redeye fan boI Spy Glasses

and you get to determine if, when, and how you’re going to implement laws duly passed by Congress, the former legislative branch of the U.S. government.

Seriously, it’s good to be king. And the king’s influence doesn’t stop with laws and regulation. No sir, the king gets to declare who is and who isn’t a good role model.  Kim Kardashian for example: Big Guy has ruled her to be a bad role model.

Kim Kardashian - Birthday Party - Jet at the Mirage - Las Vegas - 10-26-07Maybe she and Kanye should have ponied up a little more dough for the OFA campaign coffers

Butt Bey? She’s on the A-list.

beyonce back to blackWithout a hint of irony, BO declared,Beyoncé Could Not Be A Better Role Model For My Girls.

Like I said, it’s good to be king. To make all the rules and pick all the winners and losers.

304465-nyc-obama-beyonce-jay-zEvent With Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©  Nets $4 Million

Or, to paraphrase AC/DC: money talks and B.S. squawks.

Come on come on, listen to the Moneytalk



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