Sunday, August 11, 2013

Transformationalism on Walled-in Pond


Screenshot Studio capture #1281The Casual Wons arrive, sans boob belt and suit, respectively

The Casual Wons finally arrived on the Vineyards yesterday afternoon, following a morning  touchdown in Orlando where BO, with Lady M’s help, threatened rallied the retired troops:

President Obama took his case for ending the sequester to hundreds of disabled veterans Saturday, saying he protected their benefits from the “reckless” cuts to the federal budget but suggesting next year might be different.

“It’s hurting our military. I made it clear that your veteran’s benefits are exempt from this year’s sequester,” the president said to the applause of hundreds at the Disabled American Veterans' convention in Orlando, Fla. “But I want to tell you going forward the best way to protect the VA care you have earned is to get rid of this sequester altogether.”

Marine Won shuttled them in from Coastguard Station Cape Cod where they deplaned from   Air Force Won. Also joining them via two accompanying Osprey helicopters: Little Bo, the loyal body men, and bags of sporting equipment for the estate’s basketball and tennis courts  as well as the presidential golf clubs, of course.

5obamavineyard081013 - CopyLittle Bo and the bagmen

The girls joined them on the island later, arriving via Air Force Won Too and shuttled over with other friends and family on Marine Won Too.

So, at last! A chance to chill. And where better to do so than at the Chilmark house owned by Chilmark Partners founder and Friend of BO, David Schulte; yes, this is the house that Chilmark built:

js_obama_house Because nothing says hypocrite populist like a zillionaires manse…

I was a little concerned about our new vacation cottage on the pond when I heard we downsized, butt was greatly relieved when I saw the little place on the pond in this video from Fausta:

Wait a darn minute, Chilmark? Aren’t they one of those most despised of all Wall Street entities, a vulture capitalist firm? Just like…Bain? Why yes, yes they are. Butt unlike Bain Capital, who relished in firing people, killing sick women and raiding companies for spare parts, Chilmark “buys distressed companies” to nurse them back to health in order to ensure that nobody ever loses their job, gets sick or dies.

So as you can see, the primary difference is Chilmark is owned by well intentioned, Progressive vultures.

Homeowner Schulte deserves special attention. If this deep-pocketed donor and private-equity whiz were a Republican, the Occupy hordes and left-wing super-PACs would have made him a household name by now. The SEIU already would have picketed his private residence. Cher, Bette Midler and Chris Rock would be tweeting furiously about this privileged white robber baron in all caps.

Schulte, you see, earned his money in much the same way the demonized Mitt Romney did: through corporate restructuring and rescuing debt-burdened companies. He and his former partner, Sam Zell, have happily embraced the nickname "grave dancers" since the early 1990s. By 1993, their billion-dollar "vulture fund" based in Chicago had purchased all or part of Jacor Communications, the embattled media conglomerate; Sealy Corporation, the mattress empire; and the distressed Schwinn Bicycle Company.

The duo also scooped up Santa Fe Energy Resources (an oil and gas company) through a partnership and refinanced Revco D.S., the drugstore chain. Schulte called his financial playground "the land of broken dreams," according to the Los Angeles Times, which described the partners as "bottom-fishing."

Team Obama had plenty of brutal depictions for GOP private-equity mavens during the 2012 campaign: "Looter." "Corporate raider." "Greedy Gekko." "Heartless profiteer." Liberal media outlets likened Romney's cohorts to mobsters, strip miners and cannibals.

As you see, Bain is nothing like Chilmark.

So we’ll just be chillin’ here, hanging out on the links and at the infinity pool, sipping our Mojitos and noodling over our retribution response to the newly irresponsible press reports appearing about our regime’s administration’s efforts to control assist you in every way with your life.

Specifically, we’re looking at plans to take out reeducate educate the Politico reporter who dared criticize Big Guy’s Friday press conference responses:

America, President Barack Obama said Friday, you’re just like my wife. You’re always on my case.

Obama’s patronizing attitude has never been far from the surface, or from the minds of his political opponents. But not since he said two years ago that his daughters did a better job than Congress in getting their homework done has he been this explicit.

It’s the flip side of “I got this”: everyone else doesn’t. (snip)

In other words, Obama said, what he’s got is a public relations problem caused by people who just don’t understand what’s good for them…

And, I’m sorry to say, we’re also going to have to ask the IRS to look into MoDo’s latest filing:

There is no moral high ground that he does not seek to occupy. As with drones and gay marriage, he seems peeved that we were insufficiently patient with his own private study of the matter. Why won’t the country agree to entrust itself to his fine mind?

And may I just ask, MoDo, where were you 5 years ago when Big Guy first started developing this peevish attitude that you no longer find so cute?

modo2Oh yeah, now I remember. You were in love.

Anyway, I expect we will have a wonderful time here on Walled-in pond, practicing our religion of transformationalism.

mo bo chilmark house on martha's vineyard


I hear the neighbors are a bit miffed about us closing down the road that runs by their multi-gazillion dollar homes, butt like everyone else, they’ll just have to learn to eat their peas.

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