Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

As BO and MO enjoy a little “free” time on the Vineyards, controversies swirl.

Plenty of time for that later; first, an update on our meals. Monday night, dinner at Sweet Life Café with 7 of our best Vineyard friends (unnamed, butt all members of the 1 percent-or-better club.)

obama_sweetlife_exiting“A sizable crowd gathered while the president and his friends had dinner, and they cheered as he left the restaurant.”

I’ve noticed people are doing that a lot more lately; cheering when Big Guy leaves.

Yesterday Val-Jar sent Big Guy for takeout from the famous Nancy’s Snack Shack for lunch.


BO ordered the usual: bags of fried fish, oysters, clams and shrimp along with a healthy veggie course of onion rings and French fries. Then he hauled it all back to Val’s luxurious Oak Bluff resort home, which she was able to purchase by pinching pennies during her life long career of public service. While Big Guy was waiting for his order, Nancy’s owner took the opportunity to bend his ear about the escalating costs of running a small business. BO promised to defer the implementation of several key Obamacare provisions until after the midterms in order to help him out.

Lady M and the gal-pals lunched in on Walled-in Pond, where one of the little people prepared a light lunch of lobster bisque and lobster rolls.

Since it rained all day there was no golf so yesterday’s entertainment consisted of a little indoors B-Ball and a date night dinner for the Wons at their favorite Beach Plum Inn (menu changes daily). I stayed back at the house that Chilmark built for a nice dinner of popcorn and s’mores and didn’t get the pool report on the Wons’ dinner selections, butt here’s a sample menu from the Beach Plum:


beech plum

I don’t know about you, butt I think I’d pass on the headcheese and beetle dung salad, even if they are local. We sure don’t need to pick up any more parasites around here.

beetlebung farmBest dung in town

Butt as I said, while BO and MO try to relax here on the island they’re keeping an eye on several  controversies that continue to swirl around Washington. No, not the one about 400 shoulder mounted rockets that went missing following the Benghazi “incident,” or Ricky Holder’s gun running operation that lead to the death of agent Brian Terry; those are phony scandals. Nor are they watching the NSA phony scandal; as we’ve already put that phony scandal to rest on Jay Leno’s show. And not the IRS political enemies list “scandal” either, that issue has already been resolved to Elijah Cumming’s satisfaction.

The controversies commanding the vacationing Wons attention are a bit more germane. First, there’s the racist allegations that Oprah is a lying prima donna who just made up the story of racism in a Switzerland shop in order to hype her new movie about racism in America. Who would do that? Lie about racism?


Also, attracting the eyes of the Prezzy: the raging controversy over rodeo clowns that has effectively deflected discussion away from all of the other clowns, mimes and garden statuary currently running Washington.

Screenshot Studio capture #1286

We’re hoping for some nice weather today and another round of golf. You all just keep eating your peas.


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