Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Les Collaborateurs: Come out of the closet with your hands up!


mitchmcconnellcaptionthishandsinair“We surrender”

I’m not certain how far down the rabbit hole we are at this point, all I know for sure is we’re still falling.


mitch-mcconnell-john-cornynLeaders of the Vichy Senate

 vichy france2

And it’s getting harder and harder to identify non-occupied territory.

Allow me to bring you up to date: you know the old saying “hold your friends close, and your enemies closer?”  Well, in order to follow that good advice, it helps if you can determine which is which. Which apparently we can’t.


Via Larwyn’s Linx, we find Exhibit 1, from the Republican camp:

"Right now in the Senate, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn are actively whipping Senators to shut down debate on the House continuing resolution so that Harry Reid can gut it with just 51 votes,” a senior congressional staffer with intimate knowledge of the situation said in an email to Breitbart News. “Unbelievably, they actually are leading the fight to fully fund Obamacare.”

Cruz 2012Trust no one. They have not earned it.

This is indeed growing curiouser and curiouser. It’s almost as if there’s something in the water – I wonder if anyone has bothered to check the official Congressional  bottled water supplier?

$T2eC16Z,!w0E9szNZs3iBRGGthKwYQ~~60_35Saratoga: Official Water of the 2013 Congress

Oh sure, they’ve repackaged their water in pretty new blue bottles and dropped the “Vichy” tag:

vichy water5

saratoga vichy blue

butt it’s still the same old Vichy water. Maybe that’s our problem: more crony capitalism.

saratoga vichy waterChuck Schumer, in upstate New York selecting the 2013 Congressional water vendor. 

I think Lady M is going to have to shoulder some of the blame for this latest trip down the rabbit hole. We all know how she feels about drinking more water.


Now we know why.

bo boehner mcconnell

Have you had your vitamin Vichy today?

vichy waterDrink up!

P.S.  Yesterday was International Bisexual Visibility Day, which we celebrated here at the White House with a roundtable discussion on “issues facing the bisexual community.” I’d post some pictures, butt for some odd reason Bisexual “Visibility” Day was a closeted, closed door, closed press event and all phones and cameras were embargoed at the closed door.

I can’t mention any names, butt you would have recognized some of the attendees.

Screenshot Studio capture #1358

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