Saturday, September 28, 2013

Don’t get your “beard” in the honey pot.

Big Guy had a busy week. First, declaring that he had no intention of negotiating with GOP terrorists like Ted Cruz, who were threatening to burn the house down, and secondly, declaring his intent to negotiate with Hassan Rouhani, the new, moderate, political, philosophical and spiritual leader of the Republic of Nuclear Iran.

Butt Lady M was equally busy entertaining the spouses/domestic partners of world leaders who were gathered in New York for the annual United Nations pow-wow.

Screenshot Studio capture #1373Lady M enjoyed showcasing the “talents” of the other spouses for a change, instead of her own

Instead of the usual, bland program offered to spouses and domestic partners accompanying the world leaders to UN week, MO wanted the group to experience a unique taste of Americana so she took them to lunch at The Studio Museum in Harlem. They toured the museum’s art gallery which was showcasing an exhibit of African-American art (is there really any other kind?) including paintings by Robert Pruitt that “highlight the strength and dignity of women,” as Lady M described them. Hmmm, interesting take; to the untrained eye they appear to be a bit…misogynist.

Screenshot Studio capture #1372 And if Robert wasn’t an African-America, they might be considered racist, too.

The luncheon featured African-American soul food (is there any other kind?). It was prepared by celebrity chef (and big time Obama supporter) Marcus Sammuelson. Marcus, as you may know, was born in Ethiopia, adopted by Swedish parents and raised in Göteborg, Sweden. He was professionally trained as a chef in Switzerland and Austria, so who would know better how to prepare African-American soul food? Seriously!? Just because he’s black!? Isn’t that a bit…racist?

In case you aren’t familiar with Marcus, he’s ridiculously good looking:

marcusAlmost to the point of looking gay.

Butt he’s married to a gorgeous (and very tall) model:

Marcus Samuelsson 2010 UNICEF Snowflake Ball gtfvFHh2xw7lMy! What long legs…

And besides, in this day and age, what gay guy would marry an Amazon just to hide his sexual preferences?

mo-bo-2009-correspondence-dinnerHappy, happy, happy!

Anyway, I noted that some of you were interested in the menu that Lady M served to the UN spouses/partners in Harlem. It isn’t the kind of food we usually serve – or eat, for that matter - butt we were more interested in making a political statement than impressing our guests with our cooking skills:

“(Lady M’s) remarks focused on the importance of the arts in Harlem in expressing the complexity and struggle of African-Americans.”

The African-American soul food menu - “hailed by Mrs. Obama as "culturally exciting."  included arugula salad (I know this sounds snobby, butt remember, arugula is essentially a weed and as such was relegated to slaves for their own meals), shrimp and dirty rice, collard greens, cornbread and banana pudding parfait with huckleberry sauce. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Wait a minute – “huckleberry?” – isn’t that a bit…racist?


"There's a reason why I wanted to bring you all to Harlem today," Mrs. Obama said.  "And that is because this infused with a kind of energy and passion that is quintessentially American, but that has also touched so many people around the world."
Explaining Harlem's role as the heart of black culture in the early twentieth century, Mrs. Obama noted it was home to "some of the greatest African-American artists that our country has ever known

While enjoying their lunch, the guests dined to the strains of a string quartet playing Mahler and Brahms. As dessert arrived they enjoyed the award winning singing of Broadway star Audra MacDonald, who seemed far more impressed with Lady M than the location she selected for the venue:

Screenshot Studio capture #1367

Boy, I feel your pain Audra. Butt remember, “this infused with a kind of energy and passion that is quintessentially American.”  So, I guess, get used to it. 

Each of Lady M’s guests were sent home with a hostess gift basket that contained:

“a jar of White House honey butter made with fresh honey from the White House beehive; two jars of White House–produced honey; a custom pewter honey pot…


sam_kassSam Kass: White House Honey Pot

I’m sorry to report that as of this writing Sammy is officially off the market: he’s engaged to Ms.NBC “journOlist” Alex Warner (Alex is a girl, in case you were wondering). It’s hard to say who’s more disappointed about this announcement, Lady M


or Big Guy.


No word yet on the height of Alex Warner, butt for all I know she could be a really tall girl too.

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