Sunday, September 22, 2013

Race and Class Wars IV: MOTUS Does a Movie Review

Opening in theatres across the country this week: the all NEW Race and Class Wars IV!

If you think you’ve already seen this movie, you have.

obama's race & class wars iv copy

And like most sequels, it’s nothing more than a vehicle to cash in on the original franchise. Accordingly, it showcases celebrities sleepwalking their way through a brainless, self-indulgent script that’s a weak tea version of the original.

It lazily deploys a recycled plot,


is pumped up with cheesy emotion

st skittles

rehashed characters,

jesse weeps

and lame lines,

al resist

from a cast that’s phoning it in:

Screenshot Studio capture #1357

And the all new Race and Class War IV can’t even pass the “redeeming social value” test once required to differentiate simple X-rated movies from real porn.

tawana brawley-sharmeka moffitt hate crimeRedeeming Social Message derived from the Tawana Brawley incident: lies, when deployed to make a racial point, are as good as the truth.


The current re-tread (that’s a little car company humor) of R&CW opened at a Ford Motor plant in Kansas City last week.

bo arriving on the red carpetBO, arriving on the red carpet, for a preview of Race and Class Wars IV.

Last night we held the official premier in Washington a private gathering of BO’s most ardent fans, the Black Congressional Caucus:

2013-09-22t024613z_964584046_gm1e99m0tuj01_rtrmadp_3_usa-obamaAs always, the paparazzi swarmed the stars

Bo was accompanied last night by some of his co-stars,


obama-cbcI’m down wich’ ya!

After the  viewing, Big Guy addressed his fans and discussed the movie’s basic themes. As always, they were rather lengthy (his remarks, not the themes) butt here’s a brief synopsis:

First he demonized his opponents (Republicans and other racists who dare disagree with the received wisdom of Obamacare) He said they don’t care about minorities or any of the have- nots in society. He also noted that the plight of Blacks and other minorities, along with others who have failed to thrive in this, the fifth year of our rebounding economic recovery, is due exclusively to hateful, racist Republicans and other racists who dare disagree with the received wisdom of Obamacare. And he committed that he, the light-bringer would not let that happen:

“It is not going to happen. We have come too far. We ’ve overcome far darker threats than those. We will not negotiate.”

No confirmation yet, butt rumors abound that Hillary Clinton will star in the upcoming “Race and Class War V” scheduled to debut in 2016 - stay tuned.

Although I also understand that the producers are still holding auditions for the lead role.

2013-09-22t021324z_295089790_gm1e99m0sax01_rtrmadp_3_usa-obama“Kiss kiss; don’t mess up my makeup, Michelle.”

To sum up: Race and Class War IV – horrible movie, great dog whistle.

P.S. For a Sunday spiritual uplift, Dewey invites you to watch “Sweet Lorraine: A Love Song From America’s Heartland.”

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