Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government Shut Down Day 3: it really doesn’t seem that long

Okay everybody: just sit down and shut up! We’ve got a Government to shut down here, and it WILL hurt! You!

parks closedThat’s an order.

As you know, the Barrycades at the World War II Memorial went up immediately following the announcement of the the painful government shutdown.


The stated reason for the closure was to ensure that none of our cherished WWII Veterans were endangered by government drones - now forced to fly unguided during this painful government shutdown.

You can tell that your government was really concerned about this potential hazard as War Memorials have never been closed during any of the 17 previous government shutdowns. And let me be perfectly clear: it required more effort to Barrycade the WWII Memorial than to leave it open.

Plus, the closure was part of a larger PR campaign pulled together by our Big Brains in preparation for the debt ceiling debate later this month. What if federal workers were to show up at the Barrycade to protest the government shutdown and demand that John Boehner tear down this wall? And just let them get back to their work for the American people. A brilliant plan, except that all the furloughed employees had already gone to play golf, so the SEIU had to hire McDonald’s employees to stand it for them at the protest.


On further consideration, the Big Brains relented. Having concluded that the staged optics of one group of federal government employees,


protesting the handiwork of another group of federal employees,

barricading WWII2

was trumped by the optics of members of the Greatest Generation in their wheelchairs being turned away at the Barrycade.


So it looks like we’ll just have to find some other way to exert the maximum amount of pain caused by the Tea Party Jihadists.

As might be expected, some of the Jihadists used this altogether reasonable safety precaution as an excuse to redirect people’s attention back to one of the phony scandals:

Screenshot Studio capture #1385

Meanwhile, BO exerted his outstanding leadership skills yesterday evening by calling the boys and girls to the Big White House to hammer things out.

3385988-hammer-and-smashed-alarm-clock-on-blue-tablecloth If you can’t fix things with a hammer, you’ve got an electrical problem. (h/t EVR)

It didn’t go well. Despite the fact that Harry “threw them a life line,” John said that “offering to negotiate after (they) got everything they want is not much of an offer.” Big Guy did his part; exerting the leadership skills he learned in Community Organizing school, he stood firm in his refusal to negotiate with domestic terrorists.

So, it looks like we’ll just sit back and wait for the inevitable stock market collapse caused by the anxiety surrounding the continuing government closedown and potential U.S. credit default. That should prove to be a winning hand in the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations with the arsonists and hostage takers.

Clearly, Big Guy has bent over backwards to work with these American Anarchists and they won’t budge. Butt don’t worry, we’ve got a solid game plan for dealing with them in the future.

obamas-plan-obama-coal-fired-companies-political-poster-1296847159Details to follow


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