Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shutdown Day 13: A WTF Theatre Episode, “Shelter in Place”

Hard to believe, butt we’re just one day shy of a full 2 week government shutdown. Combined with the problems we’re experiencing (temporarily) with our Obamacare system, things are getting a little tense around here.

mad here2

With so many of our non-essential personnel on furlough, Lady M is growing a little short with those of us still on the job - which is okay, because we’re used to it. Butt now even “no-drama Obama” is beginning to act out a little.

bo mad godfather pose“That Boner, I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.”

Not only that, butt I’m working here with a handicap because I left my personal, personal computer across state the other day when we went to see Dewey’s dad (who broke his hip and underwent a hip replacement; I know! We were surprised too, since he’s 92 and Kathypotomus usually doesn’t authorize such expensive treatment for people his age any more). Anyhoo, Dad’s doing fine, and while I usually borrow Raj’s state-of-the-art computer when something’s wrong with mine, I can’t this time as he’s been tapped to help fix the Obamacare website and is working 24/7.

BTW, if you were planning to sign up for one of the excellent healthcare plans offered through the exchanges, you might want to make other plans. Raj said that even a reincarnated Steve Jobs wouldn’t be able to straighten this mess out in time for a January 1st enrollment. Although I understand January 1 is just a target now.

obamacare server copy Can we get more baling wire and duck tape in here! Stat!

I asked Raj if the problem was just related to the “unexpectedly” high traffic or if a more significant issue of system architecture is at play. I’m guessing it’s just the traffic, because he said “what architecture?”

BrokenServerNow we know what they’ve been doing with all that ammo.

He said the code is truncated where it ought to be supplemented and aggregated where it should be looped. No idea what he’s talking about, butt it sounds pretty bad. According to Raj, we’ve had a high-speed train wreck before the train ever left the station.


So, until we drive back to check up on Dad, and since it’s Dewey’s fault that I don’t have my personal, personal computer, he produced a special episode of WTF Theater for me to present for your viewing pleasure.

Dewey HOPEs you enjoy it.

The government shutdown has resulted in hardships all across the country. As day 13 dawns in Seattle we rejoin Cody and Skylar, holed up in their Seattle condo, trying to wait out the uprising of the Tea Party Anarchists waging outside.

Unbeknownst to them, their satellite TV is locked onto the History channel, which has been running a month long anniversary marathon of footage from the 2011 Occupy Wall Street uprising.

So you can understand their confusion:


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